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Now you know why I call it the Tour of Terror

HOLY SHIT, Y'ALL. celticangel76 just sent me this link: Crowd Forces Cancellation of "Twilight" Movie Event in San Francisco.
A planned meet-and-greet for the star of teenaged vampire movie is cancelled after hundreds of fans stormed the entrance to the Stonestown Galleria Mall.

People started crowding the front of the mall at about 5:00 a.m. Monday for the chance to buy a t-shirt and get a wristband to meet Robert Pattinson who plays the character of Edward in the "Twilight" movie. That film, based on at least five popular books, is due to open in theaters later this month.

Organizers reportedly cancelled the event because of the crush of fans. Witnesses tell KRON 4's Yoli Aceves the large crowd overwhelmed a list organizers had set up to register fans to meet the actor.
More from ONTD:
Around 200 to 500 people were expected to line up this morning to buy a wristband when the mall opened, that would allow them back inside the mall at 6 p.m. for a t-shirt signing at the Hot Topic store. Thousands showed up.

"After I got trampled I got back up there, but it was really scary cause I couldn’t breathe, because everyone kept pushing,” said fan Erica Martin.

One girl reportedly had her nose broken as a result of being crushed up against the front doors to the mall. Another girl fainted because she was unable to breathe while being pressed by the crowd.

The line to get into the front of the mall stretched all the way around the block.
Live report linked here, in which the reporter mentions that the crowd is still not dispersing because they have hopes that the event will be un-canceled.

Y'all, I take it back. Do not go to one of these things. I cannot be responsible for getting y'all maimed or killed.

ETA: From robinmc: Eyewitness account at Perez Hilton. You know, part of me is like, "I kept telling y'all this would happen, bring your riot gear, and yet no one ever believes me," and another part keeps shouting "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" at my computer.

ETA 2: I don't know why this made me laugh really hard (I say that a lot, don't I? Let's just say that laughter is the way I express a number of emotions), but: photographic evidence of the cancelation. Maybe because the Edward poster has such a THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS look about it?

ETA 3: Photos from the trenches.

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