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In other news, I got writing done!

So... in case you missed it, the previous entry was about a crowd of 3000 fans rioting outside a San Francisco mall over wristbands to a Robert Pattinson event tonight. (Number of fans expected: 200-500.) Well, it would have been tonight, except that the mall canceled it after the police showed up. (I told my mother this story, and her response was an eloquent D:< .) No word on whether blood will be shed in Seattle at the event with the other actors. Of note, then: the Hot Topic Maul Mall Tour schedule, or, Locations to Avoid If You Value Your Life. Dallas (Pattinson) and Denver (Jacob and the bad vamps) (have you heard my new band, Jacob and the Bad Vamps?) will be tomorrow, with Chicago and Phoenix on Wednesday. The events will be running through Friday or Saturday, so, you know, check the list to see if there will be any huge traffic snarls or fangirl riots in your city.

(celticangel76 says she's going to brave the Dallas event, with updates at her journal tomorrow. Please be safe, y'all. Mob mentality is scary.)

Okay, this just in: I do not have print confirmation as of yet, but I'm hearing that San Francisco is still happening? WHAT?

More Twi-spam:

A new factoid I hadn't seen yet: A seven-year-old girl asked Pattinson to bite her. D:

From trampchic, Variety: A video interview with Robert Pattinson in which he and the interviewer just shoot the shit in someone's living room for fifteen minutes, it's kind of awesome. Includes the immortal line, "Don't like me, I'm A DICK."

Entertainment Weekly: Robert Pattinson on his co-star's 'fierceness.'

LA Times: Twilight' Countdown: Kristen Stewart talks about becoming Bella. "We just read the story a lot and sat up nights talking about 'Last Tango in Paris' [laughs]. We talked about how to find similar dynamics." I... well then. Oh, and how does she feel about the Hot Topic maul tour? "I’ve only had a couple of occasions where I’ve had to deal with the craze. Rome being one, Comic-Con being the other. At Comic-Con, we were entirely separated from them, and that’s how it should be. I know Summit’s trying to promote the frenzy, but I’m going to tell them, 'Yo, you have to protect us from this.' I’ll have big bodyguards."

From bella_stella78: A few more tidbits from Pattinson, in which we discover that movie producers will believe you have braces if you tell them they're invisible.

MTV: Our Guest Blogger And ‘Twilight’ Superfan Re-Teams With Robert Pattinson.

What Twilight Tells Us About Kids Today [Vampire Chic].

Movie news roundup from the Twilight Lexicon, in which we learn that the actors are signed up for all sequels... except Breaking Dawn, which means that there is going to be some happyfuntime contract negotiation if they ever get that far. Also: More Collider Coverage from the Press Junket.

Cracked: 5 Reasons You'll Hate The Movie 'Twilight,' as sent to me by several people.

President-Elect Obama Reads ‘Twilight,’ So Is He Team Edward Or Team Jacob? I don't know--I have a hard time imagining Michelle Obama allowing her daughters to read these books. (I did hear that Barack Obama also read the Harry Potter books out loud to his kids, so at least they've got that going for them.)

Regular linkspam:

2 dead in fight over Ala.-LSU football game. My mother was actually regaling me with stories of how the LSU fans were burning UA's coach in effigy--I am not even kidding--so this actually does not surprise me. Shock me, yes. Surprise me? Sadly, no.

2,000-year-old gold earring found in Jerusalem.

When Billboards Go Rogue.

I Kissed A Dog (And I Liked It).

The Spacesuit-Ripping Sexcapades of Science Fiction Romance Novels.

Helen Mirren & Dominic Cooper to star in NT production of 'Phaedre.'

'Brokeback Mountain' opera called off.

News Flash: 'Heroes' Was Always Bad [Defamer Analysis].

City Room: Deep Secrets of ‘The Daily Show.’

Zombies are Red, Vampires are Blue; 5Top: New TV characters who’ve made an impression.

James Cromwell Hurt In Bike Crash.

Paul Rudd is nervous about hosting SNL. Y'all, this is terrible:

A few weeks ago Paul Rudd was in Chicago promoting his new comedy, "Role Models." Minutes before our interview, he had to cancel. Family emergency. A few days later, news came that his father had died. Despite the circumstances, Rudd was nice enough to chat with me by phone this week from his home in New York City. "Please don't feel crummy," he said when I asked about forging ahead with the interview. "For God's sakes, I just did 'TRL.' " Enough said.
Images: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Angels & Demons, Pink Panther 2, Last Chance Harvey, The International; 'Edge of Darkness' and 'From Paris With Love' Set Photos; The Cuter, Cuddlier 'Porno' Poster; Fergie Retrofitted With Crotch-Veil In New 'Nine' Promotional Photo; Another Poignant Poster for Soderbergh's 'Che' from England; New poster for 'The Proposal,' starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds; Keira in 'The Beautiful and the Damned'?; Fan Made: Noir-Style 'Transformers' Poster.

Trailers and clips: A Trailer for Barker's 'Book of Blood' and Another Glimpse of 'Dread'; Clip du jour: 'Requiem for a Day Off'; Watch This: The Kevin Bacon Movie Club.

'Quantum of Solace' Up to $160.3M Internationally!; Exclusive: Marc Forster Finds His 'Quantum of Solace'; Jeffrey Wright On The James Bond-Felix Leiter Relationship; Will Bond babetude make Olga Kurylenko a star?

Borders in London to Hold Midnight Release Party for "Beedle the Bard," Waterstone's Planning Day Release Events; Scholastic to Publish 3.5 Million Copies of "Beedle," Ads Planned for NYT, USA Today and More; New Image of The Burrow from 'Half-Blood Prince' Sticker Books; Video of Dan Radcliffe Today Show Interview Now Online; Original Bonnie Wright Artwork Sells at Charitable Auction for 600 Pounds; We may want to destroy this locket, just to be sure.

Watchmen's Zack Snyder Sets Fire To Your Dreams (or, ain't gonna be no >>squid<<, you guys. Personally, I'm okay with it, because I wasn't sure how they were going to manage that and have it not look ridiculous); Will We See the New, Lost 'Watchmen' Pages?; When Dr. Manhattan Yells Inyuk-chuk.

On the Set of 'Sherlock Holmes': A Preview.

First Look at Two New Star Trek Posters; New Star Trek Trailer Offers Topless Uhura And Fun Scotty. Or it will, when they run it, apparently.

'Terminator: Salvation' Concept Art is Dressed in Tattered Rags; New 'Terminator: Salvation' Footage + behind the scenes; Does James Cameron's Early Opinion of 'Terminator 4' Matter?

One More Final Trailer for Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia'; Baz Luhrmann changes Australia's ending after bad test reviews; Fox Does it Again: Luhrmann Forced to Alter 'Australia' Ending. WARNING: SPOILERS. UNHAPPY SPOILERS EVERYWHERE.

Batman Sues Christopher Nolan Over Success Of The Dark Knight; World Crisis Looms as Batman Revolts Against Christopher Nolan; Download 'The Dark Knight' Script as It Nears $1 Billion; The knives come out for U.K. Joker buttons.

Iron Man, Batman to battle for People’s Choice.

‘Soul Men’ Star Samuel L. Jackson To MTV Reporter: ‘What The F Is Wrong With You?!’

'Wolfman' director Joe Johnston to helm 2011's 'Captain America.'

'X-Men Origins: Magneto' Sypnosis Revealed!

Transformers Is Still Filming After All?

Megan Fox vs. Megan Gale for Wonder Woman?

Happy 80th birthday, Ennio Morricone!; Ennio Morricone Scoring Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds'? I swear, if they keep spelling the title that way, I am going to go out of my mind before this is over. Look, I know there's a reason in the story or whatever (it's the way a character spells them?). I don't care. I was the city spelling bee champion of 1990 and I will lose my mind if I have to keep looking at that.

Live-Action 'Akira' Remake Script Surprisingly Faithful to the Original.

DiCaprio Excited About Anime Adaptations, Won't Star In Them.

The Real Story Behind 'Changeling.'

Rushdie's 'unfilmable' 'Midnight's Children' heads for silver screen.

'Forbidden Planet' Movie Won't Be Retro After All.

Ratner to Delay Ruining 'BHC 4' So He Can Ruin 'Conan' First.

‘Love Bug’ Computer Virus Inspires Quirky Romantic Comedy ‘Subject: I Love You.’

'There Is Also Cursing And Boobies:' Worst Movie Review Ever?

EXCLUSIVE: Wayans Brothers Dance Flick Title Revealed! And The Name Is…'Dance Flick'; 'Dance Flick' Poster: Wayans Bros. Answer to 'Disaster Movie.'

The Hater: 'Not Another Not Another Movie': A Terrible Parody Of Terrible Parodies.

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