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In other news, I got writing done!

So... in case you missed it, the previous entry was about a crowd of 3000 fans rioting outside a San Francisco mall over wristbands to a Robert Pattinson event tonight. (Number of fans expected: 200-500.) Well, it would have been tonight, except that the mall canceled it after the police showed up. (I told my mother this story, and her response was an eloquent D:< .) No word on whether blood will be shed in Seattle at the event with the other actors. Of note, then: the Hot Topic Maul Mall Tour schedule, or, Locations to Avoid If You Value Your Life. Dallas (Pattinson) and Denver (Jacob and the bad vamps) (have you heard my new band, Jacob and the Bad Vamps?) will be tomorrow, with Chicago and Phoenix on Wednesday. The events will be running through Friday or Saturday, so, you know, check the list to see if there will be any huge traffic snarls or fangirl riots in your city.

(celticangel76 says she's going to brave the Dallas event, with updates at her journal tomorrow. Please be safe, y'all. Mob mentality is scary.)

Okay, this just in: I do not have print confirmation as of yet, but I'm hearing that San Francisco is still happening? WHAT?

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