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Only when I take breaks... like right now

Right as I posted the massive linkspam last night, my mother yelled up the stairs: "What's the name of your website where [my aunt, her sister ] can read your Twilight recaps?" Uh. Oh dear. Hope you're, uh, okay with strong language there. "Cleolinda... dot livejournal... dot com? And then go to the sidebar, and look for 'Twilight recaps.' " "Okay!" And then I could still hear her on the phone exclaiming, "No! I know! Apparently she was just a housewife who had a dream and the next day sat down and wrote a book! I KNOW! I was like, let me have a dream and write one, dadgum!"

TOUR OF TERROR update: To recap last night, Twilight Mob Of 3,000 Descends On San Francisco Mall; from robinmc: ‘Twilight’ Autograph Session Marred by Vampire Riot (I am starting a band called "Vampire Riot" and I am starting it NOW). What news outlets don't seem to have realized, however, is that the event was un-canceled and it did happen. annyong, the LJer who got a poster signed ("To Twatlight, love Robert"), stopped by the comments of previous entry with a few more details.

Today: cattikins reported, "It's two in the morning, and the Dallas Galleria isn't letting anyone on the property until 5:30am. So what are people doing? HANGING OUT UNDER A BRIDGE INSTEAD. My friend is there - she reports that there are about 40 people in front of her." (My new Watchmen icon is in honor of your friend, Sincerity. I mean, in a nice way.) So the Dallas wristband line seems to have gone off without incident, either because the Dallas organizers learned from the San Francisco debacle or because they already had the brains God gave a breath mint.

(Okay, so has anyone heard about how Jacob and the Bad Vamps went in Seattle last night? Anything? Surely someone went? They didn't sit in an empty Hot Topic for three hours?)

In other news, I actually did get a substantial bit of Black Ribbon written/rewritten yesterday, and--somewhat to my shock--I think I have decided to change the way the story begins. I mean, it still has the super-dramatic Mysterious Stranger paragraph (never let it be said that I am above poking fun at myself), but I think I'm going to move the flashback where West gets hired for the job in the first place to sit right after that. In retrospect, I can't believe I was going to leave it as a reveal so late in the story, but that was how I was going to do it. I'm removing some key lines of dialogue that would give the game away, obviously, but it ought to be just informative enough (informative, not "informative") to get the reader's interest (I hope?). And then we'll go to Rose's house, and maybe there'll be more of a segue now.

(No one may care about this at all, but I'd like to have this up here so I can go back later and say, "See, this is when I made this decision.")

Meanwhile, I've been having a lot of bad dreams lately, except that they're kind of hilarious in that I keep going to the Dream Moods dictionary and it's like, "Yes, your subconscious has found yet another way to say, 'You are anxious about not getting work done fast enough.' " (In case you're wondering: I don't start compiling linkspam until after 4 or 5 pm, if I start before dinner at all, and I browse unworky internet things--like the TOUR OF TERROR news items--when I take breaks to give my jaw-clenching a rest. If I'm behind on work, it's because I have many hours for it set aside in which I stare at the screen and twitch, unable to think of anything to say.) Saturday night was about my dogs running away and playing in traffic (I am afraid that my lack of creativity and action is going to get our finances killed), Sunday night was I forget what, and last night was me telling Daniel Craig to stop trying to mess around with me behind his girlfriend's back (I am concerned that going to see Quantum of Solace will end up with me blowing off work to write a Fifteen Minutes and "cheat on" the annotations) in a mall (commerce!) while we were trying to get to an Obama rally (you can finish this! Yes, You Can!). At some point, Gillian Anderson started yelling at me for not walking through a giant terrarium fast enough (what?). Also: I told Daniel Craig to stop messing around with me. I need help, y'all.

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