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You know, I wasn't going to do a whole Twi-spam post, and then... well. It got epic.

From misanthrope_mom: Fans Of Actor Overwhelm Police At SF Mall. Includes a video news report that I, for one, find completely surreal. You know people at home watching the news who have never even heard of Twilight were like, "Who? The hell?" I also like the lead anchor's suggestion of a Robert Pattinson Economic Stimulus Package that's what she said. Also-also:
"My mother sent me a text message," Pattinson told reporters just before the autograph session. "She said, 'are you okay?' There are people getting their noses broken! It's completely insane.'"

"I don't do anything but go to screaming sessions anymore," Pattinson said. "I don't know what my actual life is now."

Some teen girls cried after they held their posters out for him to sign.

Robert Pattinson appearance causes increase in Orland Square Mall security. "The Orland Park Police Department has geared up for the actor’s scheduled appearance early Wednesday evening at Orland Square Mall. In addition, the mall’s own security force is said to be 'totally ready' for the expected hordes of tween and teen girls." Yeah, I think we're gonna need to trot out the word "hilarrible" again here. Another quote:
Since he co-starred in a couple of ‘‘Harry Potter’’ films, Pattinson said he looked to Daniel Radcliffe as the role model for dealing with success. ‘‘Daniel’s handled it all so beautifully. And he’s had to deal with far more stuff than I likely ever will.’’
Let's just juxtapose that with this: Pattinson Shocked By Bite Request (yes, the story about the seven-year-old). "She went really quiet and she was like, 'Can you bite me?' It wasn't a joke." D: D: D:

(From casirafics: FINALLY, photographic evidence that Seattle happened. Taylor Lautner: the most excited person there.)

Re: the clip on Heroes: Robert Pattinson's Soulless Eyes Demand You Say His Name. "He's either suffering from 'sad arteest' face or sick of parading around in front of the thousands of screaming fan girlies like a child forced to sing at his parents' dinner party. Sadly, it only makes me want to pet that perfectly-coiffed-yet-mussed hair." I don't know, it looks a little chagrined to me.

Entertainment Weekly: Robert Pattinson on what 'Twilight' fans have done to his ego.

From glamolypsequeen: Pattinson Preps for "Twilight" Takeover. "This interview is sort of normal until the very end, when it's golden." I can't get anything to load over there at all, so... boo.

Wait, wait! Here it is on ONTD! ... OH MY GOD.

"I was convinced... that Stephenie was convinced... that she was Bella... and it was like a book that wasn't supposed to be published. And you're reading like, her sort of sexual fantasy. [...] I was like, This woman is mad. She's completely mad, and she's in love with her own fictional creation. And sometimes you'd like feel uncomfortable reading this thing. [...] It's kind of... like a sick pleasure."

I think a whole TEAM of media trainers just exploded.

So. Well then.

It's Twilight Tuesday at MTV! 'Twilight' Cast Signed Shirts And Kissed Fans At First 'Spoilers' Special; ‘Twilight’ Stars Have Hollywood At Their Feet - But Are They Mark Hamills Or Harrison Fords?; What's Kristen Stewart's Favorite Part About Being Bella? 'I Get To Kiss Edward Cullen!' In smaller print: "Actress says she would date Eric if she went to Forks High."

Kristen Stewart in GQ: "The series has this huge fan base. And they have very specific expectations. They're supportive. But they're crazy. [...] It's like we're their pets. If we're bad, they're going to punish us." Kinky.

Vanity Fair: "In response to popular demand, here are outtakes from Vanity Fair’s Twilight photo shoot." I don't even want to know what kind of petitions were involved.

How Twilight's Kissing Scene Got Shot.

Another Twilight Lexicon news/article roundup. And another. Yeah, this is me mentally checking out of Twilight at this point so I can compile, you know, other news.

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