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<--- Epic Twi-spam that way. (Chicago police "totally ready" for Hot Topic event tomorrow night, Robert Pattinson calls Stephenie Meyer out on publishing her "sexual fantasy," etc.)

First things first: RDR Books Files Notice of Appeal. *convulsion*

Also, Emma Thompson is blowing off 'Deathly Hallows' to do another Nanny McPhee movie. I'm sure no one's out there complaining about that at all.

4,300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt.

Baby Ogopogo Found in Vancouver Lake?

Stephen King sends shivers with 'Just After Sunset' stories. New short stories? YAY!

Lessing Is More [Golden Notebook Project].

Barbie jewelry by Margaux Lange. DAMN, that's expensive.

Victoria's Secret Bras May Cause "Very Sexy" Rashes and Hives.

'Dallas' Devotees Celebrate 30th Anniversary With Chaotic Ranch Riot. And that's how you do it old-school.

'Pushing Daisies' Isn't Dead - Yet.

Close Casting Misfires. Okay, Chevy Chase in American Beauty ? Not one I had heard before.

20 Classic Toys That Aren't Movies (Yet).

James Franco “Stoner Of The Year” High Times Magazine. Excuse me, sir, I do believe you have dropped your verb. And maybe a preposition, I'm not sure.

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt's Security/Paparazzi Scuffle.

Here are the 14 Films Up for an Animated Oscar; How the Academy Rigs the Animated Oscar for CGI Behemoths; Recall the Gold: The 1983 Best Director Oscar race.

Images: So This is What 42 Pictures from 'Che' Looks Like; New 'Benjamin Button' Poster Arrives in Backward-English Markets; Dragonball Promo Pics.

Trailers and clips: Do You Want Female Voiceovers for Trailers? You know what? I think female voiceovers could work, even for "high-testosterone movies." Sultry purring, y'all. It could work.

Bond Week Interview: 'Quantum of Solace' Director Marc Forster; Marc Forster Talks Martinis, Girls And Gadgets; USA Today: Daniel Craig Focuses On James Bond; Exclusive: Craig & Kurylenko on 'Quantum of Solace'; Dressed To Kill: New Look For 'Quantum of Solace'; Roger Moore dislikes more violent Bond; Bond Week: Official First Showing 'Quantum of Solace' Review; Cinematical review: Quantum of Solace -- James's Take; Cinematical (Double-O) Seven: Reasons to Love Even the Least of the James Bond Films; Bond Week: A Look Back at Bond Posters of the Past.

Watchmen Video Journal #8; It Never Stops - Six More Beautiful Watchmen Posters! *points to new icon*

'Star Trek': An exclusive first look at the Enterprise; Britain Goes Fannish Over New Trek Footage; Lotsa Trek spoilers! No, seriously...A LOT.

(Related: 'Annoyed' William Shatner Cracks Down on George Takei's 'Psychotic' Gay Mutiny [Feuds].)

Ten Brand New Beautiful Pics from 'Australia'; Brand New Poster for 'Australia' and a Note on the Ending Controversy (MAY HAVE SPOILERS).

Wonder Woman Writer Gail Simone Talks Movie Rumors [Exclusive].

Neil Gaiman, Penn Jillette To Adapt WWI-Era Prisoner Tale ‘The Road To Endor.’

First Reviews of 'Prince Caspian' Blu-Ray & DVD; Mark Johnson Talks to About Narnia; New 'Prince Caspian' Action Figures.

'Hellboy II' DVD: First Look.

Crowe To Replace Ledger In Noyce Movie 'Dirt Music'?

'American Teen' director Nanette Burstein gets her first shot at a fiction film.

From Page to Screen: 'The Reader.'

‘Ugly Betty’ Star America Ferrera Is An ‘American Tragic’; America Ferrera Leaves the Fashion World for Post-War Drama.

New 'Push' Images Now Live; 'Push' Will Actually Be Better Than 'Jumper.'

Exclusive: Danny Boyle Updates 'Trainspotting' Sequel.

It's Official: Jaden Smith is The New 'Karate Kid'.

This Just In: 'Sharks in Venice' Looks Kinda Awesome; Get a Load of Stephen Baldwin in 'Sharks in Venice'; Stephen Baldwin Has Hannah Montana's Initials Tattooed On His Arm.

An A-List Cast Recites Z-Grade Dialogue (Found Footage). Yeah... my mom loves The Core. I mean, not like I have any room to talk; I love Van Helsing.

The Best Worm Sex Death Scene in the Galaxy [NSFW] [Found Footage]. ...Yeah.

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