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Yeah... you know how the Orland Park mall and security and police were "totally ready" for Twimania? Yeah. From wendyzski: Tickets Sell Out For 'Twilight' Star's Mall Appearance.
Tickets for an appearance by "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson at the Orland Square Mall went on sale early and were gone within an hour. [...] Tickets had been scheduled to go on sale at 7:15 a.m., but so many people came ahead of time that organizers decided to begin ticket sales by 11 p.m. Tuesday night. By midnight, they were all gone.
And people are Not Happy:
Hot Topic are liars. Once again, this Chicago one was a disaster. Tons of us have called over the week and they all gave us the same answer. "You can’t line up till 5am. If you do you will be escorted out." Well you can only imagine what a big surprise it was when we got there at 1 in the morning only to find out that they had started to sell them early. It is sad because they lied to so many of us. Some people had driven hours to get there only to find out it was too late.
And this is from someone who did get a wristband. Good job, guys!

From missmp: OMG, It's Edward Cullen: Boston Area Preps for Attack of Screaming Teen Girls. Your Guide to Surviving the Twilight Mall Tour.

Robert Pattinson answers your questions! When confronted by the screaming teenbarian hordes he feels like... crying, if only as a reaction to the energy coming at him. The scary, scary energy.

Another Twatlighter report from San Francisco, this one involving the Tom Sturridge (Lurky RPattz BFF) t-shirt:
Rob: Who's tha- OH MY GOD!
*everyone starts laughing, including Rob*
Rob: Jesus Christ!
Me: I love him. Shut up.
*Rob keeps laughing*
Rob: That's so funny. That's the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced.
Meanwhile, celticangel76 reports from Dallas, with pictures. (ETA: A more in-depth entry.)

From swsa: Zac Efron is jealous of Robert Pattinson and Twilight hype? "In fact, most seem to agree that Rob can rise above the Edward curse while Zac’s ability to make the leap is decidedly less certain. So rumour has it, he’s been in a snit for days, especially when he goes online and is confronted by Twilight hysteria everywhere." Also, Pattinson doesn't look like a melted Ken doll.

Tyra Banks Plans Tell-All On Twilight's Monsoon Of Fans, putting out an all-call for fans who were at the San Francisco maul.

Christian Science Monitor Reveals the Crackaliciousness of Twilight. It’s the Romance! I HAD NO IDEA!

'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke Talks About Edward And Bella's Chemistry, Potential Sequels (apparently a Very Sekrit Midnight Sun Scene will appear on the DVD? ROCKING CHAIR Y/N?); Catherine Hardwicke Q&A: Twilight Sequels And Stunts ("It's not CGI. Oh, yeah, they're really in the trees").

Nikki Reed (Rosalie) Talks About 'Twilight.'

Reaser Confirms 'Ex List' Is Dead. Aw, Esme's out of a job, y'all. Times is hard.

Oscar Update: Defiance, Twilight(?), Australia, Wrestler and New Predictions. Okay, guys? Don't pick on the spelling of Stephenie Meyer's name. That's just petty and lazy and un-classy.

Pattinson Quit Beer And Dinner To Play Vampire Hunk; Video: 'Twilight' Vamp Robert Pattinson's 'Harry Potter' Past (shocking!).

And, following up from yesterday: Transcript of World's Best Interview.

ETA: The lines for Philadelphia and Saugus begin NOW, guys:
Below are the line-up locations:
Plaza at King of Prussia mall entrance - to the left of JC Penney
Square One mall entrance - between Best Buy and Sears
First come, first serve, no prisoners taken. Bring your riot gear.

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