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From joannad: The Russian hackers got someone else. Whatever you do, do not click on the user journal or Shoebox Project links mentioned in the entry. And to secure your own journal, choose a secret question NOW. (ETA: Or not?) Here's what I would advise doing, in terms of setting your question/answer: since we're worried about hackers and not people in our daily lives stealing our journals, I would suggest writing the question and the answer down on a piece of paper, not storing it anywhere on your computer or online, and guarding that paper with your life. Here's why: choose a question, and for the answer, pick something completely unrelated. What was your first pet's name? Hardware store. You see what I'm saying? Something that no one would ever, ever guess, even by combing your journal for clues, because it's a non sequitur in the first place. And that's why you're going to want to write it down, in case you forget your randomly-chosen unrelated thing.

Okay, in less urgent news: If you didn't catch the ETA on the Twi-spam entry, Hot Topic has given up on trying to set line-up times and they're just giving out wristbands for Thursday and Friday in a first come/first serve free-for-all. People who don't hear about this until they show up "early" tomorrow night? Are going to be exquisitely pissed.

In even less urgent news: Sometimes people have to interview writers for school assignments (you know, "Interview a published author"), and because I'm not as scary as people who are actually important, sometimes they ask me. So if you'd like to hear (well, read) me answer questions I am spectacularly unqualified to answer, my most recent interviewer has let me archive some here.

In just really frustrating news: Our dishwasher has officially given up the ghost. Sigh.

Something fun: from t3andcrumpets, pretty, crazy-color eyeshadow that I have been drooling over all week. I'm not saying I'd go full-on rainbow with it (like on the front page), but you can shop by color, if you know what looks good with your eyes. I might just be crazy enough to try Hibiscus or Blaze in the distant future, I don't know.

(Purples are so preeeeettyyyyy.)


Cedar Rapids Library Seeks Books for Donation.

The Alternate History Theme Park Where Dinosaurs Fought in the Civil War.

YouTube to Sell Ads on Search Pages.

Paula Abdul 'Shocked And Saddened' By Death Of Alleged Idol Contestant near her [Abdul's] house; Paula Goodspeed's suicide: Don't blame 'Idol,' even as we all scrutinize its audition process.

Trump takes in Jennifer Hudson and family.

Rolling Stone's '100 Greatest Singers Of All Time' Is Mainly Male And Full Of Holes [Dude, WTF?].

'Darkhold' Is City of Ember's Climax.

Obama Declines Daughters' 'Hannah Montana' Invite; President Elect Obama Now To Govern Comic Books As Well.

Ricky Gervais asks question on Yahoo Answers.

Estrogen-Deficient 'SNL' Adds Two More Women to Its Cast.

'MADtv' to end its 14-year run at season's end.

NBC extends stay of execution for 'Days of Our Lives.'

Meet J.J. Abrams, And See A Rare Bear From The Dharma Initiative [Lost].

'Dollhouse' Will Be Joss Whedon's Greatest Work Ever. You know, if it ever makes it to air.

'Frost/Nixon': An Oscar lock?

Images: A Full Look at 'The Wolfman'; New 'Coraline' Poster Released; Check This Out: Great Poster for Sean Ellis' 'The Broken.'

Trailers and clips: Trailer Premiere: Roland Emmerich's '2012'; The Trailer for Wayne Kramer's 'Crossing Over'; International 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Trailer; Watch This: Toshiba Timesculpture Commercial ("it shows an evolution of the 'bullet time' technique made famous by The Matrix ").

Quantum of Solace Unscripted. OH MAN I HAVE SO BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Anyway: 'Quantum of Solace' Premieres In New York; 'Quantum of Solace' - Official Blog Report #34; 'Quantum of Solace': Bond Done Differently; Ex-Bond Wishes Daniel Craig Was More of a 'Lover and a Giggler'; America Is Real Villain In 'Quantum of Solace'; Daniel Craig focuses on James Bond; Daniel Craig Bonds at NYC Benefit; Bond Week: Jay Leno Drives Bond's Aston Martin DBS; 'Quantum of Solace' requires a leap; Not shaken or stirred: My Bond deflowering.

All Six 'Watchmen' Character Posters Now Available in Hi-Res; What Were Alan And Dave Thinking When They Created Watchmen? ['Watching The Watchmen' Review].

52 Hi res pictures of HBP; Super hi-res calendar scans (part 1); Super hi-res calendar scans (part 2); New Hermione & Ron promos; New Hermione & Luna promos; New Photo of McGonagall from 'Half-Blood Prince'; "We Are Wizards" Gets Theatrical NYC Run; Joint "Harry, A History"/WAW Event Friday.

The Dark Knight DVD and Blu-ray Clips; Neil Gaiman Reveals A Little About His Final Batman Story; 'Long Halloween' Artist Thinks Batman and Robin Should Reunite.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 2012?

'Hobbit' Talk, 'Lord of the Rings' on Blu-ray and Chat with Del Toro Yourself.

Ridley Scott Locked into Directing a Monopoly Movie; Ridley Scott's Futuristic Monopoly Movie Should Not Pass Go.

'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' TV Commercial, Dudes!; David Fincher Practices His Oscar Speech. WARNING: Unexpected vulgarity. You'll see.

Lauren Shuler Donner Updates 'X-Men Origins: Magneto.'

EW Movie Review: 'Slumdog Millionaire'; Epic 'Slumdog Millionaire' is pricelessly original; Director Boyle: Newcomers perfect for 'Slumdog Millionaire.'

(Danny Boyle On ‘28 Months Later’: It’s Not Called ‘28 Months Later’!)

HBO Greenlights Pilot For George R.R. Martin’s 'Game of Thrones.'

Laura Harris Joins Ron Livingston In Space Relationship Drama 'Defying Gravity.'

Martin Campbell Helming Action Thriller 'Nagasaki Deadline.'

Pulitzer-Winning 'Osage County' Will Be a Movie -- But Will It Be Good?

Penny Marshall’s Negro Leagues Biopic On Hold As Hollywood Shuns Sports Films.

Pegg and Frost Helping 'Paul' Return to Alien Homeworld.

Jerry Garcia Biopic Coming (in a Foul-Smelling Van).

Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and Moby Starring in 'Suck'?!

Luke Goss Compares Superhero Film ‘Magdalena’ To ‘DaVinci Code With Substance.’ O SNAP.

Counting Crows Frontman Adam Duritz and Broken Lizard Team For ‘Freeloaders.’

‘Cloverfield’ Director Matt Reeves Talks Sequel Dilemma.

Those SATC Sequel Rumours.

Ratner Says Conan Announcement Was Premature.

Janney, Rampling and Hilton in Solondz's Next; Paris Hilton to Make Todd Solondz's 'Happiness' Sequel Even Weirder.

Feature: My Year Of Flops Shazamilicious Double Feature: Case Files 120 and 123, 'The Phantom' and 'The Shadow.' "One had powers. The other had tights. What went wrong?"

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