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Okay, I've been working productively for two hours, so now we're going to do a Twi-spam entry to get it all out of the way.

From wendyzski: Video: Fans upset about Pattinson event from the Chicago ABC affiliate. I have got to tell you, I NEVER, EVER get tired of watching actual news reports on these things. (Okay, I do get tired. Don't go dig up more and send them to me or anything.) It's just, like--the juxtaposition of the real world and SRS FANDOM BZNS just never stops being hilarious for me. It would be like CNN reporting on a Fandom Wank entry or something.

(I also like how they have an entertainment reporter talk to Pattinson and he's like, "It doesn't even matter what I say, they just keep screaming. I could just mumble to myself, they can't even hear me.")

Twilighters Anonymous: HOT TOPIC LEARNS ITS LESSONS THE HARD WAY… AGAIN; Hot Topic Adds Event... "featuring Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, Jackson Rathbone, Kellen Lutz and Paramore." Good luck making it out alive, you guys!

An interview with a Dallas news affiliate: "They're not really screaming for me." Awww. AND THEN HE SAYS THAT STEPHENIE MEYER AND HER SEXUAL FANTASY ARE CRAZY AGAIN. And he ELABORATES. The part about how the Edward details are "so specific"? I'd thought he was going to bring in something about the constant loving descriptions of Edward's hair or his "crooked smile," but what he actually mentions is the way Edward rubs his nose (like, between his eyes) when he's trying not to go into a glitter-rage meltdown (I remember this vividly from the Volvo of Vengeance scene). In case you're thinking Robert Pattinson is a total asshole, though, he's actually pretty positive about the second book, so, again... I think we're just dealing with no verbal filter here.

Interviews with 'Twilight' cast from "I just don't want to get stabbed or something." Also: Nikki Reed is pretty awesome, the cast plays Taboo and poker together, and the funniest line was cut from the movie, woe.
Are you prepared for [the Tour of Terror ] because it seems that the fans are very passionate?

Kristen Stewart: "Yeah, that's a good [word]. That's polite. We did a book signing in Rome that while we were leaving the building I couldn't get to the car. It was actually scary. I was being dragged by security. I wasn't even on my own feet. I was thrown into a van because if they hadn't done it I would've gotten…I was literally picked up and thrown into a van and then it shut and then the van just started shaking. It has nothing to do with you. It's a really surreal experience because you're like, 'God. What?' It's fine. I think based on that experience there's like an underground entrance that we've all been told about. There's heightened security. We're going to be very guarded. I'm not going anywhere unless they've got 15 big guys around me." [laughing]

How weird is it to see reports on your hair on the internet every day?

Robert Pattinson: "Actually, I was in New York doing a radio interview and [there are] people sending in messages. 95% percent of the messages were saying, 'Take your hat off.' I was just like, 'Okay.' When people say something has become a trademark you have got to get rid of it. It's the worst."
At first I read this as "There are people sending it messages." I was not fazed by this idea at all, really.

bellereve_: Kristen Stewart, frustrated with fans stalking the movie set, calls them "retarded." Oh... oh dear.

(Reactions to the cast interviews: What you hope doesn’t happen when your book is made into a big movie; Pattinson Gets to the Heart of Stephenie Meyer and Her 'Twilight' Series.)

EW's top 25 entertainers of the year: HIGHER THAN ROCK BAND? COME ON!

(Did I not tell you RDJ would be #1? NO ONE EVER BELIEVES ME.)

Cam Gigandet Covers Men’s Health. "To cover" now means "to be on the cover of"?

My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle canceled. Oh, snap--it looks like Jacob's out of a job now, too. I wonder if the new 90210 will be the next to go?

serenity_valley: A Twilight-themed comic at Hijinks Ensue.

From miss_eponine: Fifteen minutes of B-roll footage, and it is so amazing that I am putting the link outside a cut. That amazing. And it pretty much gives away the entire movie. If you like watching stunts and wires and green-screens (and I LIVE for this shit, seriously), you will love it. Also? Actors miming vampire baseball. GOLD.

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