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Aw! An anonymouse sent me virtual milk and cookies. And did I need them today. Today has not been a good day. Although y'all were a life-saver with my POTO question--what I wanted to do for the annotations was take my favorite chapter (the one where Christine sits Raoul down and tells him, in flashback, the scenes that basically make up "Phantom of the Opera" and "Music of the Night," but in a vastly different tone. In the book, it is blood-curdling) and footnote that as well. You know, as a bonus feature. And since the novel's in the public domain, I can legally do it. And I got all of that out of the way today, amazingly. So at least that was productive.

I'm kind of not having a very good day other than that, though. Like, nauseated with tension. That kind of thing.

By the way, yes, here is the Twilight Script reimagined from MSN. I love y'all, but please stop sending it to me. (I know, I know. I'm sorry. I'm just sick with anxiety, is all.)

(Yes, I saw 'Twilight' actor open to 'Doctor Who' role, which basically translates to, "Hey, you're British! Would you ever play the Doctor?" "I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!" Aw.)

(This is the best thing ever. Just watch it. "Are we still getting married this Friday?")

(Oh God, the seven-year-old girl story is so much more horrifying the way he tells it himself.)

(Ever wondered what "Run, Bella, Run (Stay, Bella, Stay)" would sound like? Now you know, courtesy of ftsor.)



Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS. Wow.

Does the Full Moon Really Make People Crazy? Based on this week? I'm going to go with "yes" on this one.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Dreadfully Different Dolls.

'Lost' stars preview season 5.

Gay superhero heading to Showtime! (Thanks, Stan Lee!)

Homer Simpson Meets Roger Corman! [Found Footage]

From outinthestorm: 'High School Musical' stars dump fans' gifts. Zefron, you're never going to be more popular than RPattz if you go on this way.

Swinton To Head Berlin Festival Jury.

Recall the Gold: The 1998 Best Actress Oscar race; Will Mickey Rourke Pull an Eddie Murphy and Miss Out On Oscar?

EW's 25 Entertainers of the Year. I told y'all I was backing Robert Downey Jr. *nods*

Images: Check These Out: Badass First Official 'Kick-Ass' Photos; Jude Law Is Looking Glovely (Sherlock Holmes); 'Funny People,' Dull Poster; 'Little Ashes' poster; New Stills of Tom Sturridge in 'Waiting For Forever'; Poster for 'Four Christmases.'

Trailers and clips: Two New 'Revolutionary Road' Trailers Arrive; New 'Benjamin Button' TV Spot and One 'Glowing' Audience Reaction; 'Coraline' Featurettes Take You Inside Neil Gaiman’s Brain; Harrison Ford is Back Again in the 'Crossing Over' Trailer; Einstein Wants To "Deeply Excite" David Tennant In New Trailer ['Einstein And Eddington']; 'Monsters Vs. Aliens' Featurette!; Watch This: '100 Movie Spoilers in 4 Minutes'; Paul Rudd barely survives a mentoring PSA.

trailer_spot: Crossing Over, O'Horten, 2012, Lodger, Bolt.

United States Gears Up For James Bond; Wait a Sec, 'Quantum of Solace' was Longer but...; 'Bond 23' Expected In 2011; The pain of being James Bond; Daniel Craig And Olga Kurylenko On Jimmy Kimmel Live; Daniel Craig Talks 'Quantum of Solace' On The Today Show; Review: ‘Quantum’ is breathtaking Bond; AV Club review: Quantum Of Solace; Cinematical (Double-O) Seven: Ways They Almost Killed 007; For James Bond, one line says it all; These actors should be Bond ... James Bond; The Best Of James Bond's Sex Puns [Clips].

MTV’s ‘Spoilers’ — Airing Friday 7:30 P.M. — Brings You Exclusive Looks At ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Twilight,’ ‘Day The Earth Stood Still,’ And More.

New Draco & Slughorn promos; Extract of New Work by J.K. Rowling on the Forest Scene of "Deathly Hallows" for Prince Charles Birthday Book.

'Dark Knight' Score is Disqualified from Oscar Contention. BOOOOO! I loved the bank robbery music at the beginning!

'Nottingham' Double-Role Controversy Clarified. Um... I'm still not sure I understand.

Early 'Star Wars' Boards Give Glimpse of the First Millennium Falcon Design.

Baz Luhrmann Kills Off 'Australia' Rumors; Baz Luhrmann Clarifies: 'Australia' Still Not Finished.

Guillermo del Toro's Two Full Puppet Projects - Pinocchio Included!

Interview: 'Slumdog Millionaire' Director Danny Boyle; AV Club review: 'Slumdog Millionaire.'

(Related: 28 Somethings Later... But They Won't Be Zombies [28 Non-zombies Later].)

Paramount Readies its Snipers as 'Button,' 'Revolutionary Road' Reviews Trickle Out.

Cooper and Carney Join Taymor's Tempest.

Ben Stiller’s Animated ‘Master Mind’ To Feature Robert Downey Jr. As Supervillain.

Steve Carrell, Russell Brand, And Jason Segel Are ‘Despicable’ Voices.

Eve And Ellen Page ‘Whip It’ For Drew Barrymore’s Roller Derby Pic.

WB Picks Up Francis Lawrence's Prison Project.

Will Gluck to Direct 'Easy A,' "a Bert V. Royal-scripted comedy that is a modern retelling of 'The Scarlet Letter,' as a high school junior pretends to be the school slut in hopes that she'll benefit from the notion she's promiscuous." THIS IS PRETTY MUCH IN NO WAY ANYTHING LIKE THE SCARLET LETTER.

Meryl Streep in new movie about a cat. And Iowa.

Jeffrey Tambor: 'Arrested Development' Movie is Happening.

Inspector Gadget Turns Ghostbuster - FAIL! Man, I was getting nervous about filling the Slot there for a moment. Thanks, guys!

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