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Twi-spam, and it's a good one

First things first: Twilight Takes Over The Pop Charts; Twilight Sequels Moving Forward. So I guess Summit's assuming at this point that they're going to make the $150 million (or more) that Catherine Hardwicke estimated would be necessary to make sequels...?

(I keep having this horrible feeling that we're all going to be sitting here on November 24 meebling, "I... I didn't know you could make one billion dollars in a single weekend...")


Hey, I haven't heard anything about the maul tour hitting Philadelphia yet, this is kind of weird... there were survivors, right?

*googles "philadelphia news"*

VIDEO: Twilight fans crowd King of Prussia mall. Ahhhh, there we go.

Big crowd cheers star of 'Twilight'; 500 camp out for 'vampire' ("Upper Merion police estimated the crowd at 2,000. Eager to avoid the near-riot that canceled a similar event in San Francisco, authorities were ready for large crowds. But the chaos was controlled, thanks in large part to the presence of 30 officers"). Also:
One fan who got at least 10 seconds sported a neck tattoo inspired by the book Twilight: an apple with the word lamb next to it.

"Oh, [expletive], is that real?" asked the astonished actor after Alena Marsh displayed it.
Frenzy-free greeting for "Twilight" actor Pattinson in Pa (an expanded version of that last article: "[A] 19-year-old Lancaster resident was so overcome by his response that she could not hold back her tears and was still crying as she made her way outside the store. 'No, he didn't touch me, but he got really close,' she said rapturously"); SLIDES: Twilight engulfs the land. Good Lord, that sounds so... biblical. They're just movie stills, however. No tween carnage or anything.

Hey, this pro-active Googling thing is kinda fun. I wonder if it's already crazy in Boston?

Fans Eagerly Await 'Twilight' Star In Saugus; VIDEO: Twilight Actor to Descend on Saugus. I'm assuming he will descend right after Twilight engulfs the land in darkness and blots out the blood-red sun. Then: the locusts.

News pictures from Chicago. Good to see that they got the guy some security. Also, The Hair seems to be in much better spirits.

Via shallow_kid: Ten minutes of video from the gates of hell Chicago. MUTE IT FIRST. Three minutes in, he's still wandering around, laughing and flailing and covering his ears helplessly because no one will STFU long enough to let him say anything. Five minutes in, he's trying to talk but no one can hear him. And then, six minutes in, someone throws him a scarf (which his enforcers quickly confiscate). It's not even Hufflepuff colors. I don't even know. The only thing he said that I was able to make out was "What?"

bella_stella78: Pattinson mentions the involuntary crying again ("But every single time, I get so nervous, and kind of cold sweats, and everything. Every single time. I started crying in Italy. Like, completely involuntarily. [...] Like, do you know when you have the wrong reaction to something? It was really embarrassing. I didn’t even know I was. Kristen, I think, turned around to me. And she’s like, 'Are you crying?' I just found out there’s a whole pile of stuff. So. Yeah. I started crying when people are screaming at me. I really didn’t think that would happen").

Favorite Tour of Terror analogy so far:
sithwitch13: He's like a lobster in a tank or something, and you just want to rescue him from all the drooling people with their noses pressed to the glass and release him in a bay somewhere so he can have a fighting chance on his own.

msmanna: If the lobster were smart enough to know what was coming, and was hammering on the glass with its little nippers while screaming, "OH MY GOD, THEY'RE GOING TO BOIL ME AND EAT MY FLESH WITH MELTED BUTTER!"
kijikun: Hot Topic employees aren't even allowed to talk about what happened in SF or any thing else that is happening. I was talking to two of the girls working at Hot Topic yesterday before the Panic at the Disco signing (a very orderly affair, I must say) and the manager came over and was like "yeah we aren't allowed to talk about it. Corp said. So you need to drop it, now."

lyrangalia: I can just see the Hot Topic higher-ups sitting in a room with their heads in their hands while one of them shouts at the front of the room:

"You do not talk about Twilight.
You DO NOT talk about Twilight.
If someone says "sparkle" or goes crazy, cries, the signing is over.
Only 10 customers to a signing.
One signing at a time.
No glitter, no biting.
Signings will go on as long as RPattz doesn't cry.
If this is your first Twilight Event, you HAVE to work security."

At the Mall, 'Twilight's' Future Looks Bright (aw, they sent Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed out together because they're BFF! Way to use the buddy system, Hot Topic!)

(" 'I would seriously be crying my eyes out right now,' Nicole says, merely imagining an audience with Edward. 'I would seriously jump over the table and hug him.' " BUT HE'S NOT HERE, OKAY? YOU GOT BELLA AND ROSALIE, OKAY?)

("There is a husband who tells her that his 23-year-old wife made him come and relishes the prospect of what he will demand in return." EWWWWWW! Don't TELL them that!)

Press From the Hot Topic Tour, including Jacob and the Bad Vamps in Phoenix.

Why Is Entertainment Weekly So In The Tank For Twilight? I have been asking this question for months now.

Mixed links: Entertainment Tonight links from Twilight Lexicon; Sci-Fi Wire Q&A: Twilight's Rob Pattinson, who discusses vampire baseball; Kristen Stewart is passionate about ‘Twilight’; Why Are You Wearing Clothes?, or, let's obsess over a different Twilight guy for a few minutes!; ‘Twilight,’ ‘90210’ Star Kellan Lutz Says Emmett Should Move To Beverly Hills; Ashley Greene does a Maxim photoshoot (ALICE! WHAT WILL JASPER THINK?) ("That's hot," probably); 'Twilight' Stars, Director Give 'Spoilers' On Johnny Depp, Tree Climbing, Vampire Baseball And More.

And finally, because it made me laugh really, really hard: via FW, Twilight film delayed due to lack of interest.

A recent event in San Francisco was particularly disappointing, as only 3,000 fans showed up and all they did was shove each other and possibly give one girl a bloody nose," said Summit VP of marketing Lucas Ledbetter. "If you want a movie targeted at teen girls to be a hit, you need riots of at least 10,000 people and a few dozen of them ending up in the hospital. Our real goal was to to see one or two deaths."

Ledbetter said his company has also been disappointed that fewer than 80% of opening weekend tickets have been sold so far online and that the movie wasn't able to score a coveted spot on the cover of The Economist magazine.

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