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First of all: Downloads of the third Half-Blood Prince trailer.

Two unconnected musical thoughts:

As soon as I became aware that Katy Perry (the singer I love to hate. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, "HOT N COLD." "N" IS NOT EVEN A REAL CONJUNCTION) did a cover of The Outfield's "Your Love" ("Use Your Love"), I had to hunt it down, because "Your Love" is one of my top umpteen songs ever. EVER. Shit, I would give any cover of "Your Love" at least one shot. Except that I started listening to it and I immediately got pissed off that the lyrics were changed for no appreciable reason. I mean, yes, there are a couple of lines near the beginning that you'd have to change, unless you, as a female performer Miss I Kissed a Girl, want to sing about how you like your girls a little bit older (honestly? If I were singing this in a karaoke or Rock Band situation, I'd do it, Josie and her vacation and everything). HOWEVER: let us compare (cover lyrics in bold):
Josie's on a vacation far away
I know you know my boyfriend is out of town

Come around and talk it over.
So have a drink, let's talk it over.

So many things that I wanna say
So many things I shouldn't be saying now

You know I like my girls a little bit older.
You know I like my boys a little bit older.

I just wanna use your love tonight
I just wanna use your love tonight, tonight, tonight

I don't wanna lose your love tonight
I don't wanna lose your love tonight

I ain't got many friends left to talk to
All my girls are nowhere to be found

Nowhere to run when I'm in trouble
They all split when I'm in trouble

You know I'd do anything for you
But I'll tell you all my secrets if you stick around

Stay the night but keep it under cover
Be undercover lovers under the covers


Try to stop my hands from shaking
Try to stop my head from spinning

But something in my mind's not making sense.
too much to drink, not making sense

It's been a while since we were all alone
It's been a while since I've been with someone new

But I can't hide the way I'm feeling
But I can't stop the way I'm feeling

As you're leaving please would you close the door?
As you leave please would you just close the door?

And don't forget what I told you
Now that our love affair is over

Just 'cause you're right that don't mean I'm wrong
You're exactly what I was looking for

Another shoulder to cry upon
We'll [?] find a shoulder to cry upon

Why? WHY? It's not better! I can't tell what's stupider--the lines that change the meaning of the song, or the lines that are almost exactly the same except for one word that doesn't change the meaning at all. I mean, it's a free country; as long as you bought the rights to cover the song anyway, I guess you can do what you want. But what I always loved about the song was that the speaker was clearly a predatory type (I never imagined him as being much older than the girl he was singing to, but still) who wanted to cheat on his girlfriend and take advantage of a younger girl who probably had a crush on him, but then you get the bridge: "Try to stop my hands from shaking, something in my mind's not making sense." Maybe he's not as in control as he thinks he is; maybe he really feels something for her, but by the end of the song, he's fooling himself again (or is he?); the chorus could be taken as him trying to convince himself that he just wants to use her. Basically, you're dealing with an unreliable narrator, and I loved that. The Katy Perry song? She's drunk, she wants to be with someone new, she has a one-night stand. Thank you for killing everything interesting about the song there. In my indignation, I will only listen to your version fifteen more times.


Secondly, there was an awesome song over the credits of the last episode of True Blood, and my understanding is that it's Dr. John's "I Don't Wanna Know" (actual spelling might vary, I'm not sure). Does anyone have it? Because I can't find it anywhere; I can't even figure out what album it might be on.

Anyway: linkspam!

Two Science Fiction Writers Share Their 30-Day Novel Writing Experiences.

iz jus a jump to da left an den a step to da rite.

Three excellent questions. "Really I just love any article that includes the phrase 'First you need to buy genitals.' "

'American Buffalo' stars feast on diversity.

Tom Cruise strong-arms Amazon into not selling $cientology expose.

O'Reilly To Stewart: My Viewers Will Kill You, Literally; Daily Show: Bill O'Reilly Will Not Be Placated By Mr. Snuggles [Clips].

(Related: Shep Smith Gone Rogue At Fox.)

'SNL': Two new female cast members won't help the show's Obama problem. FOR REAL.

What Should Be Canceled Instead Of 'Pushing Daisies.'

Emma Thompson Was Knickerless On 'Ellen.' Oh dear.

An Identity Crisis For The Doctor In Doctor Who's Christmas Special: [Doctor Who]

RDJ Entertainer of the Year article from EW; Entertainment Weekly's Breakout Stars. O HAI, BELEAGUERED SPARKLEPIRE! I see Entertainment Weekly is still up your movie's ass.

Images: 'Day the Earth Stood Still' Poster Has These Sweet Jets; So, is This the 'Benjamin Button' Poster?; Concept Art for Boorman's 'Wizard of Oz'; First Look: Edward Norton Times Two in 'Leaves of Grass' ("One is a college professor, the other is his identical twin, a hedonistic, pot smoking career criminal"); Keri Russell & Lucy Lawless 'Bedtime Stories' press stills; new stills from 'Frost/Nixon'; 'Red Sonja' Draws Her Spoiler-Filled Sword.

Trailers and clips: Exclusive: New Trailer for 'The Spirit'; Christmas Themed TV Spot for Frank Miller's 'The Spirit'; First Video from Disney's 'Prince of Persia'!; Sex Sells: New 'Bitch Slap' Trailer is a Riot; 'Red Cliff 2' Trailer: Asia Had Second Halves of Wars Too; Early 'Basterds' Outtake Promises Graphic, Tarantinoesque Drink-Spitting.

trailer_spot: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Watchmen, Day the Earth Stood Still.

David Arnold: The Killers A Possibility For 'Bond 23' Theme (*SNOOPY DANCE*); Craig, Broccoli and Wright on 'Quantum of Solace'; Daniel Craig And Marc Forster Answer 'Quantum' Questions; Dame Judi Dench Is 'M' In 'Quantum of Solace' (interview); A Different Kind Of Bond Villain: Mathieu Amalric On Dominic Greene; Amalric is a 007 foe unlike any other; Marc Forster On The Appeal Of James Bond; Bond girl Kurylenko fights her fears, the role's stereotypes; James Bond: Ranking 21 films; Cinematical (Double-O) Seven: Best Last Lines; Cinematical review: 'Quantum of Solace'; Review: 'Quantum of Solace' coldly efficient; 'Quantum of Solace' Is Certified Fresh; Quantum Of Solace Is "One Brutalizing Bummer Of A Ride" [Critical Mass]. Look, I just want to watch Daniel Craig punch people in the head for an hour and a half. He can shoot some of them instead if he gets tired halfway through. I'm really not asking for all that much.

(Related: ‘Quantum Of Solace’ Director Marc Forster Takes On Zombie Apocalypse For ‘World War Z.’)

Who Names The Watchmen? (for those of you angered by that line in the trailer); WATCHMEN: Los Vigilantes - NUEVO! Trailer 3 Subtitulado.

(Related: Zack Snyder Goes 'Heavy Metal'!)

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Cloverfield’ Director Matt Reeves Reveals ‘Let The Right One In’ Remake Details.

Pixar's 'BURN-E' Short Makes Me Want a Welding Robot as a Pet.

Trevorrow Writing 'Pet Robots' Script.

Kurt Loder Reviews Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’: ‘It Leaves You Breathless’; Review: 'Millionaire' pays off; Exclusive: Dev Patel is the 'Slumdog Millionaire.'

Exclusive: Trek's Pine Speaks!

Steve Urkel Becomes a Screenwriter!

Luc Besson Will Be Making a Sci-Fi Movie Next Year!

New Regency Sees 'The End of Eternity.'

The Scary Bits: 'Frozen,' 'Amusement' & 'Saw 6.'

Len Wiseman in Talks for 'Motorcade.'

James Cox Helming 'The Summoner.'

Leaked Thomas Kinkade Memo Offers 16 Tips For Making a Straight-to-Video Bomb.

Wayans Family Threatens Comeback With Half-Funny 'Dance Flick' Trailer; 'Dance Flick' Trailer Contains This Ungodly Image.

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