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Burning the almost-midnight oil

Let's go ahead and post what I've got, shall we? I'd rather sleep in tomorrow.

The Moviefone Unscripted interview with Pattinson, Stewart and Meyer is live. And it's exactly as awkward as you might expect. I'm dying to know what part Kristen Stewart got that she can't talk about yet, though. (ETA: East of Eden?) Also: "Do your best sexy face." "... I don't want to saturate the market." And scroll down the side menu for three or four little thirty-second outtakes, blah.

After I flailed around a bit in the comments of the previous entry because always hates me, chewlkuhvascrt found a YouTube version of the clip being discussed from the MTV Spoilers show whatever. I like when the guy asks Kristen Stewart if there are any Edward Cullens in the real world and she's like, "UH, NO," like, AND THANK GOD. And then, near the end, Robert Pattinson FINALLY loses his shit and screams at the crowd to shut up. And this was taped last week, before the Maul Tour.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Twilight’ Clip Features Bad-Driving, Bad Excuses, And A Very Good Romance. Isn't it dark up there, MTV, so far up Twilight's ass?

'Twilight' Author Recalls Butting Heads with Robert Pattinson except not really: "Yet, in the performance, he did what he wanted, and it turned out how I wanted it."

From vivnow: 'Twilight' Countdown: Melissa Rosenberg defends 'Breaking Dawn.' Well, you're gonna have to write the script, so... that's all you, right there.

Entertainment Weekly's Breakout Stars. I'd laugh at them including Robert Pattinson before the movie's even opened, but: Tour of Terror. He deserves it.

Twilight Cast 'In Style' Photoshoot. What the hell pelt are we wearing this time? And who looked at Nikki Reed and thought, "Icy blonde! Perfect"? And I like her.

From anaroriel: Pattinson Sinks His Teeth Into Stardom With ‘Twilight.’ Regarding Stewart's visible discomfort with the publicity process (colloquially referred to as "bitchface," and someday I hope to rock one as good as hers. I'm not even being sarcastic): "Pausing for a moment, Pattinson clarifies: 'Kristen sort of wears her heart on her sleeve, it's very obvious. But, y'know, if I am feeling uncomfortable about something I force myself to be relaxed about it. People ask you if they can give you a kiss and you're like, 'No,' and they just do it anyway. And it's like, what can you do?" And yet again, the crazy people have found a way to make me feel so very, very sad. Anyway. What about the New Moon movie? "His eyes light up at the prospect. 'My part in the second one is completely different. He's, like, distraught, and sort of goes mad. I much prefer the second one to the first, and I'm hardly in it. I just get this really cool, ominous presence in the book where Kristen keeps saying how much she's longing for the return of Edward and then I have this pretty dramatic entrance at the end where I'm going to kill myself. It's cool.' " His enthusiasm for Edward's big drama queen moment cracks me up--go back and watch the Variety interview, he's excited about it there, too.

Latest Teen Heartthrob Has Love Scene With Male Actor. I knew the moment I saw this headline exactly what it was going to be about. Of course, I also remember "James Bond KISSES A MAN, ZOMG!!!1" headlines circa Casino Royale (that would be Infamous, the movie about In Cold Blood that was not Capote, and Daniel Craig is very good in it, albeit disconcertingly dark-headed).

From hobbit_eyes: The Loinfire Club sporks Twilight. I will take issue with this part, however: "There's nothing even vaguely erotic about Bella's yearning. She's a good girl." Clearly, they have not gotten to the attempted teenage seduction and the dry-humping and the headboard-breaking yet.

You know what? People talking about whether they're going to see the movie--and in what spirit they're going--has made me wonder. I THINK IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER POLL!

This poll is closed.

Short answer: Are you going to see Twilight?


Long answer: Are you going to see Twilight?

Of course! I love the books!
Of course not! I hate the books!
Um, I still have no idea what you're talking about, and I like it that way
I'm a lolfan but I refuse to give them my money on principle
When this movie is a huge hit it's so going to be our fault, isn't it?

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