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Suantum of Quolace? Something of Boris?

Just got back this red hot second from Quantum of Solace. Can't talk now. Still trying to figure out what the hell happened through most of it ("I have a suitcase? Do you want it? Make me an offer? I'm a geologist? I'm not a geologist? Was I supposed to kill you? Are you going to kill me? Who's that guy? Why hasn't he killed you yet? Look, whatever, call me. \m/ "). Will discuss later.

(Also, we got every trailer in the world EXCEPT Watchmen. *shakes fist at sky*)

Hey, polls are fun! Why don't y'all play with one that I wrote before I left while I go figure out what the hell Quantum of Solace was about, other than "My vengeful manpain, let me show you it it's pretty hot, I think you'll like it"? Let me give you a little background on each question first, though:

1) Quantum of Solace made $70 million this weekend ($70,000,036, now that we've seen it), a record for a Bond movie. By comparison, The Dark Knight made something like $158 million its first weekend, but keep in mind that they were showing it around the damn clock--I saw it at 9 am that Saturday--and also, it was the summer. And the economy hadn't completely tanked yet. (ETA: Take the Dark Knight number as "money that Twilight could not possibly make." So we have "really really good for a November weekend" and "no way in hell," those are the numbers I'm giving you.)

(As a side note, a Twilight/Robert Pattinson feature ran in the A&E supplement of our Sunday paper this morning. The title? "The dark knight." I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.)

2) There's a premiere in LA tomorrow. Apparently they'll be handing out fan wristbands (oh God) at noon, but I'm unclear on when the movie actually starts. And the wristbands may be just for people to stand next to the red carpet and scream. Regardless of who actually is sitting in that theater when the movie runs, even if it's just industry types, I think there is a certain eventuality we can definitely count on.

Remember: place your bets realistically. E-cookies and bragging rights are at stake here.

This poll is closed.

How much will Twilight make next weekend?

Less than $50 million
$50 million
$60 million
$70 million
More than $70 million
Summit Entertainment will just set up a printing press and start minting money

Cell phone video of the Meadow of Great Sparkle will hit YouTube by what time?

Three hours after the movie ends
Two hours after the movie ends
One hour after the movie ends
At what point in the movie does it happen? Five minutes after that

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