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Let's take a break for some Twi-spam

Important note: LJ's going out tomorrow for a physical server move. Just in case, you might want to back up your journals with ljArchive. If you need to get hold of me for some kind of OMG LOOK AT THIS! reason, I'm on Twitter and Facebook (see sidebar), and you can get me at my Yahoo email (dailydigest @). I'm not going to assume that the cleolinda at email will work.

Meanwhile: 'Twilight' Fans Line Up Day Before Premiere. I'm not so much surprised that they did this as surprised that I didn't go, "Oh, it's Sunday afternoon, they must be setting up camp about now."

Twilight Movie Premiere Day Coverage. I was skimming quickly and initially read that last word as "carnage." These are not mutually exclusive concepts, though.

The Vampire of the Mall. Excellent NYT piece about the Philadelphia Hot Topic stop. And by "excellent" I mean "sad-making":
The smile was just a bit too much. A girl in a “Team Edward” shirt fell into the arms of her friend. “I can’t stand it!” she said.

... And when he did, the crowd didn’t see an actor. They saw Edward Cullen, the perfect boyfriend who just happens to live on blood.

... Mr. Pattinson, 22, said he had no idea what to make of his situation, about to meet thousands of teenage girls — and many of their mothers — who were flat-out in love with him. “It is bizarre,” he said. “People come from three states away and walk up to you trembling. I feel that I am at a disadvantage here because I can’t provide this mystical thing that they came for in the two seconds we have.”

... A young woman in a shirt emblazoned with the Cullen family crest spoke for many: “We just want to look at you.”

Speaking of the Cullen family crest again, I have decided that I want to make or find Jones family crest jewelry (or maybe design my own imaginary coat of arms), because I feel that it would be hilarious. You know, since my real name is so totally "Cleolinda Jones." And Jones is oh-so-rare a surname. Totally.


(More sad: "But criticism brought forth by a Web clip of an unannounced acoustic set at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles last month has turned Mr. Pattinson off making music. 'I was so not ready for the scrutiny,' he said. 'I haven’t touched a guitar since. When you know you have to be good every time, you never want to do it again.' ")

Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke + Kellan Lutz (Twilight cast) release party pictures.

‘Twilight’ Star Cam Gigandet Is Having A ‘Five Star Day’; Cam Gigandet, Jena Malone in 'Five Star Day.'

Twilight Vampire Seen In Direct Sunlight [Snap Judgment]. It's just RPattz at LAX, calm down. If I find photographic evidence of actual in-movie Sparkle Motion, you will hear the ALERT ALERT ALERT from across the internets.

The USA Weekend Cover Story.

Vamp tale 'Twilight' seeks blockbuster bite; Sunday Discussion: Can Twilight Put Summit Entertainment on the Map?; Poll: How Much Will 'Twilight' Make This Weekend? You know, in posting my own poll, I had forgotten that Bolt is coming out this weekend; for some reason I'd thought it was coming out next week. Twilight may be screwed, I don't know. Of course, it might turn out to have huge legs as Twihards mount a campaign to pass $150M the weeks go on, who knows.

kashmir1: "Creation's just announced they're having a Salute to Twilight at their 17th Annual Grand Slam: The Sci-Fi Summit 2009 - May 1-3, 2009, Los Angeles, CA." Be there or be sane, y'all.

Via quitesometime: Well, at least she won't have to take a lexicon to court.

So awesome it goes above a cut: Tell us: What's Better: The 'Twilight' series or 'Harry Potter'? I think this is what's known as "trolling for traffic." Although the comments to the article are deeply, unspeakably full of win (someone was saying that ONTD infiltrated?):

Garth, reading Twilight is punishment for shoplifting in some countries.
Posted by: Wayne Campbell

I, in fact, single-handedly killed the Cullen cult; Renesmee was a bit tricky to handle, being biologically impossible, but with a bit of ingenuity and my dazzling smile, she was easily taken off! You can read about my exploits in my latest book (including how Bella tried to seduce me, but I don't blame her, most women act like that around me) "Culling the Cullens."
Posted by: Gilderoy Lockhart

One does not simply dazzle into Mordor.
Posted by: Boromir

The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the werewolves and vampires will look up and shout 'Save us!'. And I'll look down, and whisper 'no.'
Posted by: Raw Shark

Twilight for the win. I hadn't even thought about taking the engine out of her car before. Thanks for the tip SMeyer!
Posted by: Your Abusive Boyfriend

Do you like Stephenie Meyer? Her earlier work was a little too "New Wave" for my tastes, but when Twilight came out in '05 she really came into her own commercially and artistically.
Posted by: Patrick Bateman

Posted by: Edward Cullen

This worries me. Carry on.
Posted by: Tim Gunn

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