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Do I even have a userpic for "mellow"?

I feel kind of... weirdly relaxed. Would you know what I meant if I said I didn't have any good tension? Like--you know how you can't play a violin unless the strings are taut? That kind of tension. Right now I just feel kind of... boneless. I mean, it's nice. It's just not helping me get anything done.

(No I did not take any drugs.)

(No, not even legal ones.)


Repeat of important note: LJ's going out tomorrow for a physical server move. Just in case, you might want to back up your journals with ljArchive. If you need to get hold of me for some kind of OMG LOOK AT THIS! reason, I'm on Twitter and Facebook (see sidebar), and you can get me at my Yahoo email (dailydigest @). I'm not going to assume that the cleolinda at email will work.

Hmm. "Another Way to Die" is growing on me. My policy of not listening to a Bond theme song until I actually hear it over the credits in the theater seems to be working well for me. Although I was not terribly impressed by the sandy ladies. Of course, I ran off to Vegas and quickie-married "You Know My Name" when the other movie came out, so I'm probably unpleasable at this point, in terms of Bond songs.

(What is it with me? Lately it's like I don't like anything until I've heard it four or five times, and then suddenly I'm like, I MUST NEVER STOP LISTENING TO THIS. I mean, I tend to listen to things on repeat so this works out for me okay, but it used to not take me quite so long to realize I liked something.)

(I can't think of a segue to this, so I'll simply say that Sister Girl whipped out her iPhone the other day and said, "You know that song 'Personal Jesus'?" "Um, I'm a child of the '80s?" "Well, Hilary Duff..." "OH GOD!" Fortunately, it's more of an extended sample called "Reach Out," in which one is exhorted to reach out and touch her instead of faith. The video is... interesting. Kind of like a Vogue photoshoot gone horribly wrong. We both love that huge ring she's got on in the closeups, though.)

Anyway. Another Twi-spam may go up tonight, I'm not sure. Depends on whether we get riots and/or sparkling.

(Watch The Twilight Premiere Live! HEY YOU GUYS IT'S ANOTHER WIDGET! Of course, I just like saying "widget" over and over again. It's such a fun word to say. "Iiiiiiiit's a WIDGET!")

(I personally find this to be related: DiCaprio: 'Titanic Nearly Ruined Me.')

Re: Mad Hatter pic: I'm not the only one concerned it might be a fake. Also, since a number of people sent me this link--Alice in Wonderland set pics. These are the same or similar pictures to the ones I posted a while back, though--there's Baby Bonham-Burton in her red riding hood and everything.

Same-sex marriage rallies stretch across nation; Anti-Prop 8 Update: Pictures From Today's Rallies; Love Not Hate: Proposition 8 Protest Pictures From Readers Across The Country.

Don’t believe Web hoax — Miley is not dead. I... didn't know she was supposed to be?

So many people sent this and I kept forgetting to post it: Man tries to pay bill with spider drawing.

Do celebs edit their own wikipedia entries? Short answer: Yes.

Lonesome penguin cheered up by his new friend... a stuffed toy.

Neil Gaiman to design a demise for Batman; 5 Ways That Sandman Changed The World.


Paul Rudd Has A Vision for Beyoncé's New Video [SNL]; Justin Timberlake is Beyonce’s Backup Dancer on SNL; Sasha Fierce And Her Backup Dancers Are B-rilliant [Clips].

Amy Poehler's "Smart Girls" Has All The Write Stuff [Clips].

Foo Fighters to Appear on 'Top Chef.'

Sacha Baron Cohen pranks 'Medium.'

Joan Didion To Pen HBO Biopic of Katherine Graham.

Dr. Adorable's Talkalong Photo Shoot.

Ratatouille Composer To Conduct Oscars Orchestra. HEY THAT'S MICHAEL GIACCHINO! YAY!

Images: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans; The Secret of Moonacre; Gran Torino; Hotel for Dogs; Julie & Julia; Easy Virtue; First Look at Wolfman's Medallion; First Look: George Clooney in 'Men Who Stare at Goats'; Finally, Some Real 'Ben Button' Posters, but Still Digital Camera Shots; First Look: Beautiful Photos of Sam Rockwell in 'Moon'; UPDATED: Official Poster for ‘The Wrestler’ is Revealed; Natalie Portman on the set of 'Love and Other Impossible Pursuits'; Will Nic Cage Ever Not Look Like a Fool in a Movie? I actually laughed out loud. Whatever you're expecting... it won't be this.

Trailers and clips: The Official ‘Star Trek’ Trailer and 26 Screen Grabs; Check out the New 'Witch Mountain' Teaser Trailer; EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ Footage Reveals More Carnage And Gort!; EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Anne Hathaway And Kate Hudson Face Off In ‘Bride Wars’; EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Adam Sandler And Russell Brand Tell Each Other ‘Bedtime Stories’; EXCLUSIVE: Watch Jim Carrey Really, Really Liking Red Bull In ‘Yes Man’ (YOU HAVE EXCLUSIVES, OKAY, I GET IT); TRAILER EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The Wayans Brothers’ ‘Dance Flick’ (or don't, and save yourself); Quietly Impressive New Trailer for 'Revolutionary Road' (Is 'Revolutionary Road' Too 'Mad Men'?); Worth Watching - Nov 16: Bent Hamer's 'O'Horten' Trailer; 'The Spirit' Still Attempting to Create Interest with Clips Set to Music.

trailer_spot: Star Trek, Burn-E, Afterwards, Twilight.

'Quantum of Solace' Expected To Become Biggest Bond Ever; Bond At The Box Office: Craig Comments On Success Of 'Quantum'; Craig Wants Prince Harry For 007 Role; Cinematical (Double-O) Seven: The 007 Best Bond Flicks; 'Quantum of Solace': For Your Consideration...; 'Quantum': Marc Forster's close-up; Dench 'Threatens To Quit' Bond Role (NOOOOO); Olga Kurylenko at various Quantum of Solace premieres; Barrowman wants to be Bond; Trying to Make Sense of These ‘Quantum of Solace’ Reviews; Diamonds Are WHATEVER.

First ‘Benjamin Button’ Review Claims It Recalls Hollywood’s Golden Era; Danny Boyle’s ‘Solomon Grundy’ Delayed Due To Perceived ‘Benjamin Button’ Similarities.

New Peek Behind the Scenes of ‘Watchmen’; Alan Moore's Worst Nightmare: Watchmen Video Game; Watchmen Goes Disco!

'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Set Visit Q & A

Well, at Least One Aussie Likes ‘Australia.’

Still No Green Light for Third Narnia?; Detailed Review: Prince Caspian DVD/Blu-ray; Ben Barnes Talks With NarniaWeb — Exclusive!

Is ABC's 'Bolt' obsession barking up the wrong tree? ....says Entertainment OMG TWILIGHT Weekly. No conflict of interest this weekend at the box office at all.

'Coraline' filmmaker goes full bore with stop-motion.

Aaron Eckhart Joins Sci-Fi Action Thriller ‘Battle: Los Angeles.’

Christopher McQuarrie Adapting 'Monster of Florence' and 'The Champions.'

Tobey Maguire’s ‘Robotech’ Remake Gets ‘Smallville’ Writers.

Pegg's New Movie Brings Aliens To America.

Jim Carrey to Narrate 'Under the Sea 3D.'

Leave Buck Rogers In The Past, Please [Rant].

'XXX 3' Using Writers to Attempt a Story. Ouch.

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