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Technically, this counts as a Tuesday entry

You know, the premiere widget thing was boring as all hell, and yet, it was like... what if something does happen? So I pried myself away from "Another Way to Die," let the widget run in the background so I could keep an ear out, and went back to footnoting. (Mostly they played the movie soundtrack over random crowd shots, breaking in occasionally to talk to someone. Also, Jennie Garth looked really good. And Rachelle Lefevre's hair was in top form.) So out of the corner of my--ear?--I heard three different "I played [whichever human kid, blah], and... no, actually I haven't read the other books" people, "I play Bella's mom, and... well, no, I haven't read the other books, so I don't know what happens to me," and "I'm in a movie coming up with Jackson Rathbone, and... I haven't read any of the books, actually." Then they talked to Billy Burke--the actor who played Bella's father the sheriff--and he was like, "I had this theory that Charlie kind of knew that the Cullens were vampires, but he was just gonna let it go. And then the fourth book came out and... turns out I was wrong." "So you've read it?" "No... I just heard about it." And then you hear this massive female ROAR from about a block away (the carpet is two blocks long), and--you know that scene in Cloverfield where they're standing out in the street arguing next to the Statue of Liberty's head and all of a sudden you hear Clovie let loose for the first time and everyone whips around all freaked out? It was a little like that. "I think Rob's here," says Burke.

Yeah. Imagine two blocks of that. Every now and then they'd be interviewing someone or other, and suddenly you'd hear another burst of screaming and everyone would cover their ears. At one point I heard some organizer type shouting "Be cool!" to the fans. Which they weren't, because at one point the widget host announced, "Robert Pattinson is about seven interviews away from us... people are climbing the barricades! There go the security guys!"

And God bless him, he seemed to be working the crowd like a champ--I think at one point you saw him run around the turn, high-five about a hundred girls and then run back. Of course, I guess after cross-country Hot Topic riots, this must have seemed like a low-key event. He finally got to the widget interviewer chick (who bore a striking resemblance to Claire Forlani. I liked her), was all like, "Jackson Rathbone is a great musician!," and then was swept away into another interview. "It doesn't get any better than that," the interviewer chick announced. "AND DID YOU SEE HIS HAIR? ... I am never washing this hand again."

Meanwhile, apparently opposing groups of shippers broke into a screaming match: "TEAM JACOB WILL RIP YOUR SPARKLY DAMN FACE OFF!!"

E!Online: Twilight's World Premiere Rocks Los Angeles. "I have never seen anything like this at a movie premiere. Or heard anything like it." Whoa, I hadn't seen the red half of Kristen Stewart's dress.

This Wednesday on South Park: "Butters is sure he’s seen a vampire at school but he can’t get anyone to listen to him. Meanwhile, the Goth Kids are angry and frustrated when the other kids can’t tell the difference between a Goth and a Vampire."

The Cast of 'Twilight' Arriving @ LAX Airport on Sunday.

Kristen Stewart Sends A Message With Her Socks [Snap Judgment]. I imagine that message is "Get the fuck out of my face."

Twilight Lexicon links: Various interviews, "an article on Rob’s fans and how much is too much," the LA Times on "how the big Hollywood studios blew their chance when it came to Twilight." (Interesting to note that MTV was up the movie's ass from day one.)

TMF Top 20 Hottest Young Actors. OH BURN, ZEFRON DOWN AT #20.

unicornhime: Drinking Game is up.

From madeline_may, an article that got mentioned in passing in the other Twi-spam: Robert Pattinson's 'Twilight' brings the dawn of a deadly new dreamboat. He tried out for True Blood? WHY ARE MY WORLDS COLLIDING? And I still want to know which part he tried out for. As discussed here, I honestly cannot think of any part he's the right age for other than Hoyt "Mama's Boy" Fortenberry, who I doubt he would have tried out for, and... Jason "Always Naked" Stackhouse. (Y'all, Ryan Kwanten is Australian. Discovering this blew my mind.)

Also, he mentions that his favorite show is Tyra Banks' talk show, on which he is very excited about appearing. Heeeee.

An article that got referenced in passing in the other Twi-spam: A Night Out With...
“When I was 14, I fronted a rap trio,” he said late Sunday night at the Stanton Social, a dim, bustling tapas bar on the Lower East Side. Mr. Pattinson said the band was “pretty hard-core for three private school kids from suburban London.” He added, “And my mum’s, like, cramping our style, popping her head in to ask, ‘You boys want a sandwich?’ ”


“It’s crazy,” [director Catherine] Hardwicke said. “There are T-shirts, trading cards, a board game. They even sent samples of underwear with Rob’s head on them.”

After a moment of reflection, she added, “I hope they nix those.”
I am entirely sure you can get amateur versions on CafePress. Please do not link me to them.

Meanwhile, the Harry Potter vs. Twilight comment-fest is marching on. Here is my hands-down favorite--last one out turn off the lights, our work here is done:

I read Twilight and now I can't get into Narnia. D:
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