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No sparkle motion footage leaked! I AM SHOCKED

Okay, we're back. If you missed it due to the LJ outage (and you keep up with the Twi-spam), go back and read last night's Twilight premiere entry. It's a post where Cloverfield, Tyra, tomorrow night's South Park and an alternate-universe True Blood collide, let's put it that way. Also, the anti-Twilight commentfest is still going, so don't miss that. (Speaking of that, apparently batman_lulz has joined in now.)

(lissomelle: "Just wanted to pop in for a mo' and say... all trolling reports regarding the poll comments are pretty much true. Twatlight came in eventually, but this one was pretty much solid ONTD.")

(Yeah, but Twatlight is here: Robert Pattinson Answers YOUR Questions! Well, not anymore he won't.)

(Okay, 'fess up: How many of the irate commenters on the "Disney's obsession with Bolt" entry are y'all?)

Meanwhile, lunylucy braved the hordes and got a Sparklypoo t-shirt signed. (The back story on Sparklypoo.)

Looks like Twilight premiere fuggings are starting to go up, so keep an eye out for those.

Defamer's recap: "Back outside, co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met their tearful fans, some of whom had come from as far as Honduras to gulp wildfire air and squeal urgent, carpet-side appeals to 'bite them.' And that was just the Entertainment Weekly staff." OH YES THEY WENT THERE.

(Gawker: If He Were A Real Vampire, He'd Be Signing Blank Pieces Of Paper. And, Um, This 'Open Caption' Would Be Blank, Too [Open Caption]. Yes, but fortunately there are no real vampires in Twilight. Yes, I went there.)

Entertainment Weekly: 'Twilight': Bella-Jacob's stormy scene; Shrieking masses descend on L.A. for the 'Twilight' premiere. “With every week, the fervor and anticipation seems to grow. This is my life. People know my name and ambush me in public and try to figure out what hotel I’m staying at and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair. I have accepted it as real now, but it still feels surreal.” More:
Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, and a few other actors even did a victory lap to slap fan hands after they had completed their initial round of interviews and fan appreciation despite holding up the screening over 45 minutes past its scheduled start time.
Hee, so I did see that.
After witnessing the phenomenon first hand, I’m not sure it even matters if the final product is Oscar-worthy. (In fact, two Oscar winners, Jaime Foxx and Kim Basinger, used their influence to score the hot tickets for their obsessed offspring.) Hours in, I was still having to shout my interview questions at the top of my lungs because the “Team Edward” cries were being matched by the howls of the Jacob-supporting wolf pack.* In this economic downturn, people had obviously spent a pretty penny getting there, getting takeout from local restaurants, decorating the windows of their cars, outfitting themselves in branded merch. “I’d hate to have to be the guy who has to clean all this up afterward,” Gigandet said, referring to the discarded water bottles, sunscreen and snack trash.

MTV: 'Twilight' Premiere: Robert Pattinson Loses His Hearing, Taylor Lautner Gets An Indecent Proposal (photo gallery).

Twilight Lexicon premiere roundup, including links to coverage from the Associated Press, Access Hollywood, USAToday, US Magazine and Entertainment Tonight.

ONTD: Cam Gigandet @ 'Twilight' movie premiere.

Exclusive Interview: Twilight 's Kristen Stewart; Interview: 'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke.

Back from the "how much is too much" article that I made the mistake of only skimming: "When some of the Twilight cast members attended the ‘Much Music’ event in Toronto on Saturday the 15th of November, Rob was curled up in a ball during the interview session. He said that it was the only position that made him feel safe – that it was his ‘safety blanket’. Somehow, that really disturbed me. Why should he feel terrified? Why wasn’t he relaxed, sitting upright and smiling like Nikki or Rachelle?"

Um, could it be because of this?

Just the other day, Pattinson realized, "there were some girls who had scratched ... the side of their necks so [they were] freshly bleeding when they came up to get a signature. "They were like, 'We did this for you.' I didn't know what to say. 'Um, thanks guys?' "

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