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Where did my evening go?

Welcome, MSNBC readers! This is the kind of entry I wrote--still do, obviously--before Twilight ate my brain. I also post the occasional movie parody at m15m and put out a book of them overseas a couple of years ago. (Yes, I have promised to write "Twilight in Fifteen Minutes" or die trying.) Feel free to friend the journal, comment or lurk as you please, and enjoy your stay!

(Uh, y'all? I went back and looked at one of my old entries, and... the userpic wasn't mine. I'm not even sure who was in the picture. It seems to have eaten my favorite Reiko Shimizu icon--I think I've heard about this kind of glitch before? I'm just saying... if you see an icon that looks out of the ordinary for my style... that's why. It's a glitch. I don't usually have guys in my icons, for example.)

(It might have been Jackson Rathbone? Even Livejournal glitches know that I write about Twilight? I'm kind of scared now?)

I keep meaning to post variations on this story and forget, so: Ancient Vampire Killing Kit Sells For 15K. (How is the garlic still fresh?) For those of y'all who remember the Black Ribbon novel I'm still working on--man, I would love one of those.


Teens ease one victim's pain with letters, book.

Exclusive Video Interview with Novelists Joshua Ferris and Matthew Eck.

Which Author Sold The Rights To Her Books To Pay Off A Bad Gambling Debt? [Blind Item Roundup].

Zombies and Unicorns Battle for Literary Supremacy.

Purple Reign or Purple Feign?; Prince Upset About Gay Marriage 'Misquote.'

David Cook album takes heavy, delicate journey; Introducing 'David Cook,' first album from the 'Idol' winner; 'Idol' Cook isn't quite cooking on new album.

I Am...Sasha Fierce: A "Gimmcky Concept [That] Falls Flat" [Critical Mass].

Stephen Colbert on CBS's "The Early Show."

Emma Thompson Graphically Mauled By Stuffed Animal on 'Letterman.'

Vampires, sex make 'Blood' a hit.

GQ 2008 "Men of the Year."

10 contenders for the best picture Oscar; Oscar Brief: Rourke is Great and ‘Australia’ is Long; 15 Documentaries Getting Oscar Consideration; 'Roman Polanski' Snubbed, Werner Herzog Avenged in Early Oscar Jockeying; LA Times Makes Fun of Variety for Losing Oscar Ads They Covet; 2003 Best Picture Oscar: Want a do-over?

Movie Site's Snarky 'Frigid 50' List Topped by ... Heath Ledger. WOW. Again: another good example of Trolling for Traffic.

Images: Ewan & George Are About To Be Blown Away (I think this may be a 'Men Who Stare at Goats' set pic?); DRAGONBALL NEW PICS (THIS IS WORTHY OF CAPSLOCK); Check This Out: Photos From Indie Sci-Fi Flick Hunter 'Prey.'

Trailers and clips: Official Trailer for Rod Lurie's 'Nothing But the Truth'; Clips from 'Milk' released; MTV Scoffs At Scarjo's 'Spirit' Demotion From Surgeon To Secretary.

Huge Sale at WB Harry Potter Shop including Tonner Dolls, Noble Collection and NECA Action Figures.

'Quantum of Solace' Debut US Weekend Total Updated: $67.5 Million; Sony Braces For Life Without James Bond; Gemma Arterton Is Fields... Agent Fields; Discuss: Anonymous Bond. See, the lack of Bond trademarks in the new movies doesn't bother me, because I assume that they're working up to those--they're making the character earn them, since they rebooted the series from "Bond first becomes a 00" up.

Cinematical Screens 'Star Trek' Footage!; ArtsBeat: J. J. Abrams Reveals ‘Trek’ Movie; Trailer Reveals Who’s Hooking Up With Kirk and Why Scotty’s All Wet (screencap analysis); Ten Things You Should Know About 'Star Trek'; Watch This: 'Star Trek' Meets 'Beverly Hills 90210.'

John Travolta's 'Bolt' is next out of the animation pack; Travolta shows up at 'Bolt' premiere, and just about everywhere else.

Josh Schwartz to Write 'X-Men: First Class.'

Red Carpet of 'Australia' World Premiere in Sydney, Australia (Nov 18th); Australia hopes Kidman film spurs tourism.

New Pics from ‘Revolutionary Road’ and Some Early Reviews Roll In.

There’s a Lot of Pressure Being Put on Cruise, MGM and ‘Valkyrie’; Scoop: Tom Cruise laughable in ‘Valkyrie.’ "Sources tell the Scoop that 'Valkyrie' is nowhere near as exciting as a thriller should be, and Tom Cruise’s performance elicits uncomfortable and inappropriate laughs." I have to admit, I giggled through the trailer when I saw it in front of Quantum of Solace. I couldn't even put my finger on why he seemed so wrong for the role--he just was.

Danny Boyle's Mumbai: 'A City In Fast-Forward.'

Spike Jonze Unveils New 'Where the Wild Things' Are Photos; Spike Jonze Relates 'Wild Things' Delays to Bad Case of Gender Confusion.

MOVIE NEWS: 'House of Night'; Could ‘House Of Night’ Be The Next ‘Twilight’?

Amy Adams Talks Suiting Up As Amelia Earhart For ‘Night At The Museum 2.’

John Carpenter Has a Brutal Gangster Film in the Works?

Seth Gordon Organizes 'Death Squad.'

Disney Making 'The World's Most Annoying Man.'

Another 'Nutty Professor' in the Works? *facepalm*

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