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Apparently I do not, in fact, dazzle you

I know people kept asking for these, so: The First Trickle... Twilight reviews (non-pro); AICN got a review as well (extremely positive fan review). Major note: "Do I dazzle you?" is not in the movie. This is perhaps for the best, as that would have been the point at which I would have laughed so hard that surrounding fangirls would have beat me to death. Also, apparently security on the premiere was INSANE--phone confiscations, bag searchings, etc.--which is why no sparkle footage has leaked yet. (Please recall that "dazzling" and "sparkling" are separate phenomena.)

(ETA: An explanation of the "review embargo" thing, which is pretty common and not the same as not screening for critics at all.)

ONTD is on the ground at the premiere getting pics of tons of people. "Jackson/Jasper was actually very sweet. He came and chatted with my section of Twi-hards probably 2 or 3 times"; "Jennie Garth (she was very sweet & tolerant of the crazies) & Peter Facinelli"; "[Pattinson] was absolutely charming." With bonus Jeffrey Dean Morgan (I think that is the universe telling me I definitely have to do the Watchmen primer).

Also, more pics from lunylucy. The Hair-Off made me laugh out loud, because you're scrolling down like, "Man, Kristen Stewart is putting up a big fight there with the OH MY GOD IT IS NO CONTEST."

Just How Huge Will ‘Twilight’ Be This Weekend? I don't know, I'm starting to revise my estimates downwards. I bought tickets for Saturday afternoon (pity poor, brave Brett the Vet, who is going with me), and they had only four showings of Twilight (five for Bolt). On one hand--ain't no riots in the street for Bolt. On the other... animated family film, bigger names, funny hamster. It could get ugly.

I Was A Teenage Trend-Hater: Despising Twilight Is Big For Fall. You know, I keep wondering if I would have liked the books as a teenager. As a freshman in college, I was a gigantic bitch about the Titanic phenomenon. On the other hand, I was a very depressed, lonely, melodramatic teenager. I can see myself at age fourteen writing very earnest, indignant essays about how the books are so not unfeminist, you take it back! Of course, we didn't have the internet then--not to the extent we do now--so it's kind of a different worlds thing. And thank God.

'Twilight' Cast @ Q&A + Paramore 'Lost Show' Performance in LA (Nov 18th). I think I'm just going to start tinhatting Kristen Stewart/Nikki Reed.

Robert Pattinson to appear on Ellen Degeneres. Tell me that's a t-shirt she's holding up and not, like, underwear. Tell me what I need to hear to go on, people.

In case you missed it when we first discussed it: Pattinson To Twilight Fans: Shut Up! Except it's more like "SHUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!"

AV Club: What Will Be the Next Abstinence Vampire?
100-Calorie-Pack Wild Centaur: A strong, virile half-man half-horse who also believes in treating yourself--in moderation? Hello, perfect boyfriend. Is there a more beautiful, romantic image than a caring centaur boyfriend galloping across lava fields (it takes place near lava fields) to bring his love a 100-calorie-pack of Oreo crisps so she can indulge guilt free? No, no there isn't. Am I right, ladies?
I'd go see it.

Twilight's Robert Pattinson: "I'm a Really Bad Kisser." Oh, well, now you're going to have thousands of women offering to teach you how to do it better. Brilliant. Also, Emmett has tips for the ladies: "Do not write an essay in every text, like, 'Oh, I had a great time, and we should do it again, and your eyes were so cute when you bowled!' That's like, 'Whoa.' "

Taylor Lautner: 'Twilight' star answers your questions. Apparently includes what he thought about Breaking Dawn? Haven't watched it yet.

Twilight Live Podcast Officially Uploaded.

Why are all the posters so creepy?

Info on Stephenie Meyer's cameo.

And for those of you wondering: Twi-spam takes half an hour. Regular linkspam takes an hour or so. True Blood recaps take seven, minimum. That's why I'm behind. I'm trying to clear some time off my schedule to catch up, but given that I've got to go see Twilight this weekend and then do the Made of Fail podcast on it early next week--I would not expect to see anything from me before the final episode, no. Shake your fist and curse the sparklepires heavens if you want, but that's the way it's working out.

ETA: Neil Gaiman's daughter for the win!

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