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Eh, alert

Again, since y'all seemed desperate to get some: Twilight reviews are starting to come in (updated Fandom Lounge entry). Here's one from The Chicagoist, courtesy of my friend Marcus. And Roger Ebert just barely gives it a thumbs up. What I'm getting out of this is that it's not going to set the non-believers alight with cinematic fire, but fans are going to love it, and it's not just hilariously awful. Here's the Rotten Tomatoes page.

I'm over here trying to get work done, so short of an international incident, no more Twi-spam today.

ETA: You know what? Regarding some comments made around here, I'd like to pose a question to y'all. People keep being nasty about Stephenie Meyer's weight--the most recent ONTD post I saw had a thread about "secret internet fatty no more!" (I mean, that's ONTD, I expect that from them. But still.) I'd say "How would you feel if that were you?," but for all I know, you really are in shape, or you'd say, "Well, I'm not famous so whatever." So let me put it to you this way: I know a lot of y'all feel protective of me. I know because you've told me so. Any time I worry about angry fans coming over here to flame me, the pitchforks immediately come out and everyone swears undying loyalty.

I'm heavier than Stephenie Meyer. And I don't have the excuse of being a mother of three, either.

How would you feel if I somehow became famous and the ONTD "lol fatty" thread was about me?

Just... think about that next time "zomg she's so hiddy" springs to your fingertips. I mean, as far as your opinion on her writing, you know, go for it, because it's sink or swim when it comes to a writer's actual talent. But apparently I'm going to have to spend a year cross-training before I dare publish.

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