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You know how I felt so mellow the other day? I think I know what did it: I had cranked up my speakers that afternoon and belted out embarrassing pop songs as loud as I could all afternoon. In retrospect--I wonder if it was like primal scream therapy or something?

I don't know. I was kind of having a bad yesterday (like you couldn't tell). I had to wait around all morning for the furnace guy (yes, another appliance has broken down), and then he got here and literally walked around and around the house checking vents and sensors for an hour and a half (I counted him making something like 26 or 27 circuits around the whole thing. I offered to help but he waved me back down), and then it cost us $121, because we have so much money right now to spend on yet another goddamn thing going wrong. And for some reason I felt like crying most of the day for no reason at all. And I finally just skipped the regular linkspam last night. So. Primal sing therapy it is.

Gonna scale back on the Twi-spam for at least a day or so, because I feel like I'm being hit with a sudden depressive episode. It's so sudden and acute that I don't think it'll last very long--hell, it could just be a normal hormonal dip--but I'm having a hard time dealing with even the most mundane tasks at the moment. I think part of it may be that TWILIGHT IS FINALLY HERE OMG, and I know that a lot of people are waiting around--because they have told me so; I'm really not so egotistical as to just assume it--for me to see the movie and run it through the Cleomatic 3000, and you know, every time I sit down to write something big like this, I'm not sure I can pull it off this time. It's one thing when I just write something on a whim and I don't expect people to care or like it; it's terrifying when I know people are expecting it. A lot of times I feel like people are never satisfied--they want more or they want better or they wanted me to do something else instead. I'm not a machine, you guys. The expectations scare me sometimes.

So, quickly: Fandom Lounge has an updated list of movie reviews, with more linked in the comments. Also: Twilight Movie Bingo. Oh, and the Today Show this morning: "We're going outside now?"

I cannot for the life of me find the original comments about this, so re: the Etsy package, it came! Thank you so much!

Oh, and by the way, if you added me on Facebook--I usually wait and add people back in batches, so everyone should be added now. (I'm not sure what's with all the welcome posts--I've been on Facebook for a pretty long time now.)

(And thanks for having such a civil discussion yesterday, I mean it. I like that when people disagree over here, they can do it in a friendly fashion.)

(Shit, I forgot to watch South Park last night. I guess I'll catch it online.)

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