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Catching up

Feeling a little better. Not great, but better.

Oh, and I forgot to mention--the Shoebox Project's still hacked (comment with information); don't click anything over there. Update: It's back?

Only one Twilight link for the moment, and it is: reports of Robert Pattinson's death were greatly exaggerated. Particularly since he appeared on the Today show four hours after he supposedly died. Vampires: what're you gonna do?

diddakoi asks: Are guys actually intimidated by smart women? Do they really find intelligence unattractive, or is that one of those outdated fallacies? My personal theory is yes and no, in that order--a lot of guys do find intelligence attractive, but are too shy (read: intimidated) to do anything about it. Thoughts?

Bad news for the Pushing Daisies folksCollapse )

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