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I can't even think of a title

I knew this was going to happen, and yet--I still can't quite believe it myself:

'Twilight': Early box office is bloody good!
The film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire-romance saga scored $7 million from shows at midnight on Thursday, and it's on pace to bank as much as $30 mil on Friday, Variety reports. That Harry Potter-esque sum would rank in the Top 20 of the biggest opening-day grosses in history. Moreover, the film is almost assured of exceeding its expected $60-mil-plus first-weekend haul -- by far.

Oh God.

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson finally agrees to bite someone.

Oh, and--remember the conversation I had with my mother this morning? I sent her a picture from the movie and two magazine shots, and she emailed me back, I don’t necessarily agree with the crazies, but I can see what draws some of these girls to him………

It's all over, you guys. She's gonna be a TwiMom by Thanksgiving.

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