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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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More from the Coraline Box of Mystery
key to the kingdom
I finally found the cord for the digital camera and sent the photos to my computer, and, uh... some of them turned out better than others. (I need to get my own camera, what can I say.) However, you can view the pictures here; the order is supposed to roughly approximate the experience of going through the box itself.


The label on the nail polish, by the way, reads "Twitchy Witchy Blue," and indicates that it was mixed--presumably for the Coraline puppet itself--in October 2007. And here's a picture of what the hat looks like in the movie.

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Now that's viral marketing. *jealous*

That is made of an inordinate number of types of awesome!

You should absolutely wear the key. Damn the collectability-ness!

There are still no words for how entirely awesome that is.

That's really brilliant.

Any of you who are knitters: Be sure to check out the password sweaterxxs.

Errrr, at Coraline.com, that is.

Edited at 2008-11-23 03:40 am (UTC)

Omg, I loved that little video clip. It's just amazing what she does!

I've only been able to find those six key codes, though. I wonder if that's all there is so far...

That is a fabulous shade of nail polish. Are you going to use it or keep it sealed?

I did open it to confirm that it was actually a bottle of nail polish with a dip brush and everything--strangely, I already own a similar color called "Blue Moon," so I think that if I want blue nails, I might use that rather than dip into the Coraline polish.

omg, I want some Twitchy Witchy Blue nail polish!

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they sold it somewhere eventually.

That is toooo cool! I'm so jealous of you. Neil Gaiman has all of the passwords on his journal:

...one of them is ARMPITHAIR. No, I don't know either.

These boxes just might be the coolest movie memorabilia I've ever seen...and very savvy marketing, too. Thanks for the pics. I love the little swatches of doll hair, heh. But really, the hat is what gets me the most. I love miniature things.

Wow, that is just so very very cool. I love that each box is kinda different for each blogger too; no mass production here. I'm glad you got one and better yet, got one with the skeleton key necklace because I do recall you mentioning here before that you really liked the style motif of keys. :) The movie hadn't come up on my radar that much before but I am a lot more psyched to go see it now that I see how much effort the production team is putting into thoughtful, personalized promotions.

(Deleted comment)
this looks gorgeous.

i really wish he'd gotten better voice talent than dakota fanning and teri hatcher to play the leads -- otherwise i'd be lining up on opening day.

They showed a Coraline preview at my showing of Twilight! I cannnot WAIT. It looked amazing!

I love how they seem to have tailored each letter and the contents of each box to each blogger. That's pretty awesome.

Heya! Box #5 dropping by!

I'll be posting photos of my box later today :) These are so neat, aren't they?

Re: Heya! Box #5 dropping by!

Oh, awesome!

(I keep wondering how they chose us...?)

Re: Heya! Box #5 dropping by!

No idea!

Re: Heya! Box #5 dropping by!

Heh, k00kaburra is my other journal. Didn't realize I was still logged into it.

Well, if the letters are anything to go by, they picked you because you are RA RA RA girl power and I'm just obsessed with Neil Gaiman.

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I just posted about mine here if you are interested:


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