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I'm almost too tired to care that I'm tired

Still tired. I mean, I know what it is--I'm not getting enough sleep. Dammit. I just really need some kind of rest before I get back to True Blood recaps, is the problem. Even so, I'm still feeling very mellow re: Twilight in Fifteen Minutes being done and people seeming to like it and not eating my face. Anyway, got a batch of Twilight icons done last night--this one (points up) is the only one using Arial so far, but I like it. I'm kind of constricted by what I can find pictures of (this is why I'm desperately searching for a bootleg--to screencap it), but I'll work it out somehow.

Meanwhile, my mother woke up me up at seven all like WHAT IS THE EARLIEST SHOWING FOR TWILIGHT GO FIND IT AND BUY US TICKETS WE WILL HAVE TO GET THERE EARLY I AM GOING OUT TO BUY CORNBREAD. It's going to be a Very Sparkly Turkeymas here at the Jones house.

(Just when I thought we'd run out of ways to play Horrify the Twilight Noob: HTTN, Movie Edition. Seriously, I did not make that line up. No, really, I didn't.)

So, anyway. That's what I'll be doing today: trying to catch about an hour's nap, do a little work, and then go see the movie again with my mother, who keeps telling me that I have to "tell [her] why it's stupid." Um, I'm pretty sure you're going to be able to figure this out for yourself, Mom.

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