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Happy Sparklemas!

The Made of Fail podcast is up! Aaaaand it's Twilight-themed, because you knew it would be, but we discuss the crazy-ass fan phenomenon as well as the movie--Kevin even threw a clip from the Stephenie Meyer Is Crazy interview in there. OH OH OH also? You know what you get? We were talking about the box office, so I went over to while we were recording, and you can actually hear the moment I found out they were saying that Twilight made $70M for the weekend (they've since downgraded that number a smidge, to, like, $69.99999M)--you hear this shriek of "JESUS CHRIST! OH MY GOD!" right in the middle of the podcast, and Dayna going "HOW? HOWWWW?"

Also, in the second half, we had a really interesting conversation about the shift from radio airplay to internet distribution in the music industry. Or at least, I thought it was really interesting.

(Audio samples: In which I admit that I am, in fact, a "Twilight blogger" [1:02]; Angel wings and glaucoma [1:40].)

First batch of Twilight/15M icons: there's already 40+ and I haven't even dealt with the meadow yet. (There's a lot of movie stills and caps out there, and I find it really relaxing to faff around making icons, so... indulge me. And take whatever you want, make your own, I'll link them here, two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.)

So I took my mother to see the movie yesterday, and her verdict ("You gotta give me an official statement, they said they wanted to know what you think") is "I really liked it," although this was said in a thoughtful, somewhat surprised tone. And she got confused a lot by who was who and what the mechanics of sparklepirism were; she missed the part where Edward speed-moed around the Volvo to open Bella's door (which cracked my shit up) because she was so busy asking me... you know, I can't even remember what.

Oh! OH! I WAS SEATED TWO SEATS AWAY FROM A GENUINE TWILIGHT NOOB IN THE PROCESS OF BEING HORRIFIED. He had come with a female friend (girlfriend?) and was like, "What is this about? It's a PG-rated vampire movie? Is it, like... set in medieval times?" Once again, the theater was worshipfully silent, but I heard a few quiet chuckles out of him now and then. Oh, and when Edward blithely admitted that he'd been in Bella's room every night for two months watching her sleep, I heard this tiny muffled "JESUS!!" from two seats away. That was fun. Of course, I got really worried that he could hear me whispering explanations to my mother, because oh God, he's going to think I'm one of them. And then it occurred to me--you know, I'm not one of the crazy people rioting at Hot Topic, but... Twilight has eaten way too much of my brain for me to act like I'm better than anyone. So... yeah.

(I am beyond feeling bad about helping fill this movie's coffers. The leads have been rewarded with supermega-bonus money that will now allow them to buy secret lairs where they can hide from the crazy, and I have gotten way too much mileage out of this series to begrudge the studio two matinees' worth of ticket money. You can feel however you want about your own financial contribution or lack thereof, obviously, but I have to admit that I don't personally have any room to talk. Twilight has given me a lot this year.)

And then, everything went to hell. We were in the big fight scene, and right before Edward was going to tear James's throat out, THE MOVIE STOPS. The lights come on, everyone's freaking out ("What happens! WHAT HAPPENS?!"), a manager comes in and says that they had a power outage or something and they're going to get the movie back up and running. And then it comes back on: Bella voiceovering, "Death is peaceful." A clutch of preteen girls (who apparently were seeing this for the first time) behind us started screaming "WHAT? NOOOOOO!" Then management started rewinding and fast-forwarding all over the place; they sped through the hospital scene with Bella's mom and then took us all the way back to Bella running out on her dad, and we watched that for a couple of minutes (my mother grumbling the whole way), and THEN they rewound it AGAIN, all the way back to the Bad Vamps crashing Vampire Baseball, and then people REALLY started shouting. (For some reason, I just found the whole ordeal hilarious. You are probably not surprised by this.) And it was one of those things where everyone's yelling at the projectionist, who I don't think can hear them anyway or might have even left the booth at that point, and no one's actually getting up to do anything about it (maybe because they all think someone else already has), so finally I just leapt up, threw my purse at my mother ("HOLD THIS"), and bounded out into the lobby. What I figured was, I couldn't tell if anyone else had already seen the movie, but I knew I had, so if it started up again, me missing something was no big deal. The preteens' mother was also out there, helplessly trying to tell the assistant manager (who I think may have been the same shell-shocked girl I chatted with on Saturday--she'd had to work the Thursday midnight shows) where the movie had stopped, and I just said, "Go back to the part where he broke her leg!" (The girls' mother cried, "That's a really good way to describe it!," like I had just discovered the solution to some geometric theorem.) So I went back and yelled "HEY GUYS, THEY'RE WORKING ON IT" to the theater at large, and FINALLY, we got back to the leg-breaking and the rest of the movie played without incident.

It's actually really unusual for me to get up and take charge like that--my mother laughed about it afterwards--but I was like, I'll be damned if we're gonna sit here and fuck around for an hour with everyone screaming and no one actually doing anything. For some reason, I am really comfortable in a movie-viewing context--like me actually chatting with the manager girl the other day and saying, you know, "Oh my God, how crazy was it? Were there any survivors?" There's a lot of conditions under which I will say nothing and suffer in silence, but if it has to do with movies, apparently I have no fear.

So... that was my Tuesday. I don't think I'll be doing linkspam today (I didn't do it last night either, did I?). It's Thanksgiving week, not a lot of people (well, not a lot of Americans) are online, not a whole lot is happening, and I want to post here in some capacity every day because I've had a perfect-attendance streak for two or three months now, but I'm going to take it easy and try to rest a little. I don't know--I just feel so drained (insert your own vampire joke here) from the last week or so. Not in a bad way--just like I need time to recharge.

(Oh, by the way, I forgot to link this here: enjoy screencaps of Movie!Bella's brief kinky old-fashioned vampire movie fantasy.)

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