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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Cleanup linkspam
twilight vampire movie
Eventually I'm going to have to get back to work and get something done, aren't I?

(By the way, make sure you go back and look over the flickr mosaic meme; it's fun to do.)

Alabama runs over Auburn with 36-0 Iron Bowl victory. I am a football orphan while the season's on, so at least my mother's happy. (College football is ~SRS BZNS~ at my house, you don't even know; my mother's favorite T-shirt is emblazoned SABAN NATION. I'm not even allowed downstairs while a really big game is on, because I might actually talk over some crucial play, God forbid. Meanwhile, I'm just like, "I know it involves foots and balls.")

Disguised Mother Woos Juror in Bid to Free Son.

Kid Journo Establishes Contact with Somali Pirates. " 'Hello. Please can I talk to the pirates,' said my [12-year-old] daughter in her obviously childish voice. I could hear someone replying and a bizarre conversation ensued which eventually ended when my daughter collapsed in giggles."

Man wielding candy cane lawn ornament subdues attacker.

Eggnog Cupcakes via txvoodoo.

Voodoo festival offers respite in troubled year.

Like Jason Voorhees, Acid Wash Jeans Just Keep Coming Back From The Dead. NO, PEOPLE. NO. Of course, they've already brought back leggings (which are perfectly acceptable in the comfort of your home! Possibly under giant sweaters if they're really really cute! BUT NOT WHEN ACTUAL PANTS ARE REQUIRED), so there are probably no levels to which fashionistas will not stoop at this point.

New 'Electric Company': (All together now) HEY YOU GUUUYS!

From sharpest_rose: An interview with True Blood's co-producer Raelle Tucker.

The Hottest Sci-Fi Kisses You Never Saw. Includes deleted scenes from The X-Files, Doctor Who, and Iron Man.

The Emerald-Skinned Women Who Make the Universe a Greener Place [Triviagasm].

Superman's Origin To Be Retold, Revised Secretly In 2009.

Top Movie Heartthrobs of the Decade. One per year (plus a runner-up), so you can imagine how 2008 shakes out. I think I'd rather have the runner-ups for 2002 and 2005, though.

Images: Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in the January 2009 issue of Empire; 'The Reader'; More FYC posters ('Sex and the City' for Best Picture, you guys! It could totally happen!).

Trailers and clips: Emma Watson & Matthew Broderick are in love ('Tale of Despereaux' promo).

‘Four Christmases’ Owns the Holiday While ‘Twilight’ Tries to Hang On; 'New Moon' to Start Filming in March; 'New Moon' audition info; Time: The Fangirls Cometh, with Cash; How Much is Twilight Bringing In? Over $93M at the moment. Also: "According to their stats, Twilight currently ranks as the number three vampire movie of all time right behind Van Helsing and Interview With a Vampire." ANYONE IS BEHIND VAN HELSING ? I mean, I guess--logically--Hugh Jackman, and all--but--SERIOUSLY? THAT is our current #1 vampire movie? PEOPLE. Someone get in there and adjust for inflation, because I can't live in that world. Also: Daniel Radcliffe talks about Twilight.

Tales of Beedle the Bard Pre-Orders "Shipping Soon"; New image: RAB's note from 'Half-Blood Prince'; New Harry & Slughorn photo; Report: Sirius Black's Motorcycle, Dumbledore's Deluminator Prop to be used in 'Deathly Hallows' Filming.

'The Hobbit' Films to Shoot for 370 Days (SWEET LORD); Guillermo del Toro's 'The Hobbit' Starts Shooting in 2010.

Downey Jr. Knocked 'Out Cold' In Sherlock Fight Scene; The Strange Case of Mr Ritchie and the Cursed Movie. "Drooling blood"?

Six New Blu-ray James Bond Titles Announced For March '09; Hollywood Bosses Plan Film Of Roger Moore's Life. With Johnny Depp? Doesn't he have... quirkier things to do?

Natalie Portman On Sean Penn In 'Milk.'

Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino Gaining Strong Oscar Buzz.

25 Things You Didn't Know About 'A Christmas Story.'

'Future Cops' Fight A Part-Mantis, Part-Scorpion, Part-Bat, All-Woman Villain.

Beckinsale Horrified By Mum's Stripping Scene. It's not really suitable for The Slot, but I have nothing else and it made me laugh:

She was taunted when her mum Judy Loe stripped for TV in Britain - when she was 10.

Beckinsale recalls, "The mortification of going to school! People said, 'I've seen your mother naked.'

"I literally had to beat up nine of them."

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eggnog cupcaaaaaaaaaakes.

thank you. :)

My family is Auburn. This whole season has been -- well, trying. My brother and father have been walking around all gloomy and there has been a lot of yelling at the TV. At Thanksgiving, there was an agreement not to wear football t-shirts or discuss sports at all, as half of the family is for Alabama.

Meanwhile, I'm like, "But what's a down? Why are there four of them if they're still called first?"

Meanwhile, I'm like, "But what's a down? Why are there four of them if they're still called first?"

Ah ha ha ha! My brother was attempting to explain football to me the other day, and this exchange occurred. It started off as an explanation of what a tight end does, which turned into an explanation of the difference between a punter and a kicker.

Me: So, is a kick-off like a dance-off, then?
Him: Agh! I'm not even going to try to explain it to you anymore.

He really made the "agh!" sound. Like a roar of primal frustration.

That's Gambit? Then why aren't his eyes black and red?

"Over $93M at the moment. Also: "According to their stats, Twilight currently ranks as the number three vampire movie of all time right behind Van Helsing and Interview With a Vampire."

Wait WHAT? Maybe they meant... Its behind Van Helsing, which is behind Interview with a Vampire.

Kirsten Dunst as a psychopathic child vampire fills me with warmth every time.

Nope. Van Helsing is the highest. It's also the most expensive, and was considered a major box-office dissapointment when it was released.

It's more a testmanet to the fact vampire movies just don't make much.

The thing to remember about vampire movies is that they're 1) 90% shitty, and 2) R-Rated. When all is said and done, the top two grossers will be PG-13 and pretty bloodless.


The thing to remember about vampire movies is that they're 1) 90% shitty

-Blasphemer!n I hope you include FRIGHT NIGHT, VAMP, NEAR DARK and THE LOST BOYS in the other 10%!!

Roll Tide Roll!!!

I'll get you some talking points to use with your mom. You can blow her mind with commentary about our offensive line. It will be fun!

I should just walk in and drop some science on her without any warning. She will totally think I've been replaced by a pod person.

Re: Gambit--I love how half of ONTD is all, "But I thought Josh Holloway was in the running for Gambit!" For some reason, it reminds me of your mom's Clive Owen vs. Daniel Craig Bond thing.

Hee, yeah. He totally was--I think he might have even been offered it, but turned it down because it was too Sawyer-esque? I could be making that up.

LOL @ Voodoo Festival article

Goat meat stewing on the stove and sweet potatoes baking in the oven. Cooked fish, complete with bones and eyeballs. Spicy peppers soaked in bottles of rum.

Sounds like a typical dinner here! And what's weird about cooked fish "complete with bones and eyeballs"?

"Wonder Bread" culture does not like food that stares back at them or still resembles the source. A lot of suburbia North America is condition to fully processed manufactured food products and are disconnected enough from real food as to be squeamish when they see it.

(Deleted comment)
I think I'd rather have the runner-ups for 2002 and 2005, though.

I'd rather have the runner-up for 2000. I managed to forgive Van Helsing (or at least pretend it doesn't exist) a while ago.

And now I'm looking at that "top vampire movies" list and pointing and going YOU SEE WHY I'M NOT INTO VAMPIRES? SEEEE?

...Though actually, I watched the True Blood finale(?) and quite enjoyed it. There wasn't much vampiring in it, though, so I'm not counting it as an exception to the general rule yet.

My husband created one of those green women since he was one of the creators of "Space Cases". Thanks for the link *grin*

OMG, Space Cases was the bomb! Tell your husband thanks! That show needs to be on DVD like...yesterday!


I ran across this and thought you would be interested. Then again, you've probably already seen it...

"In an interview with MTV earlier, Pattinson confessed that "New Moon" is his favorite book. "I'm looking forward to doing the re-emergence...at the end of the second book, when he's killing himself," the 22-year-old expressed his excitement."

oh god. I can't WAIT for how incredibly angsty he will make that.

Yeah, I've seen a few interviews of him saying things like that. I love how excited he is about his big drama-queen comeback. Oh, and NOT BEING IN THE REST OF THE MOVIE.

Roger Moore's life is that interesting...?

It is! He's done a ton of charity work for kids through the UN. He was knighted for it. He's had a pretty tumultuous love life, too.

Also, according to Wikipedia, he used to be a knitwear model, which I find very amusing. I'm sure it will be fraught with danger and intrigue in the movie.

Re: your mother's love for football.

I had a dream once that your mother coached a NFL-league football team. It was...very informative.

Call me tasteless, but I'll watch Van Helsing over that Twilight nonsense any day.

Van Helsing has Hugh Jackman in leather. Really, that trumps RPattz sparkling in a meadow any damn day of the week.