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So my mother wised up and went to MedHelp first thing this morning to have her foot checked out; they ran whatever scans it is they run, and apparently she really did just pull a ligament pretty badly, but no broken bones. So she's got that going for her. She'd stay home (okay, no, she totally wouldn't), but she's got a bunch of meetings today, and it's someone's birthday and she always makes whatever dessert people want when it's someone's birthday (red velvet cake this time), and she had to go. So I'm loading up like a pack mule with the cake and her bag lunch and her two Diet Dr. Peppers and her glass of iced tea when she comes out in her blazer and black work dress wearing one orthopedic sneaker and one high-heeled shoe (!).

"Gon' get you some Chucks, Bella."

"Just open the door for me."

"You got any leggings?"


"You really should just wear two sneakers--what's with the heel?"

"Dr. [University Poobah] hates sneakers, hates them."

"So you're just going to wear one?"

"No, I'm going to wear both heels when I meet with her."

"Yeah, because that makes sense."

"I'll be fine."

"Yeah... Don't fall over again."

"I didn't fall OVER, I fell DOWN."

"Have a good day at work, Bells."

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