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God, my jaw is killing me (left side). Tension, I guess. Anyway, Sister Girl came home from the podiatrist and now she has a "flayed Achilles tendon," so I'm pretty much just waiting for the other shoe to drop and fall on my head (so to speak). Mom's foot's doing reasonably okay, though.

Alabama Mayor Charged With Fraud; Mayor arrested on bribery, other charges; Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford enters not-guilty plea, is released. Given that this is the same mayor who wanted to spend a shitload of money nominating Birmingham FOR THE OLYMPICS (as if we even had enough hotels to deal with that) and moved a downtown dome-building project OUT TO THE DOG TRACK to benefit his cronies, I am pleased by these developments.

Venice Under 5 feet of Water as City is Flooded (PHOTOS).

Luxury cruise ship outruns pirates.

Juror, mother in MySpace case speak about trial outcome; Megan Meier's Mother Talks To Today About MySpace Verdict [Clips].

Astronomy Students Find New Galaxy Their First Time Out.

Bizarre absence of acorns in parts of the United States.

"Lhuna" by Coldplay featuring Kylie Minogue.

Thirty Answers to Thirty Questions, Muse Style.

Neil Gaiman: Why defend freedom of icky speech?; Gaiman's The Coolest: 8 Reasons Why.

Well, you certainly win the NaNoDoucheMo contest.

Ancient Pre-Internet LOLcat Discovered; still can not has cheezburger.

"Goth Pop Icon" Emily the Strange a Children's Book Knockoff? OH SNAP. And I love Emily the Strange, too, but that image/text comparison is pretty damning.

Holiday gift guide: Fun and games that'll wow the kids; City Room: A Muppet Entirely Your Own; Holiday Movie Junk: A Talking Frank the Bunny.

A large swath of Oscar-related stories:

OSCAR BRIEF: Many Predicting Oscar Will Go Slumming; Today in Oscar Hell: 'Reader' Climbs, Bagger Returns; The Cost of Oscar Living Keeps Going Up.

Indie Winners: 'Milk' and 'Slumdog Millionaire' Score Big; The Annie Award Nominees are Announced; Satellite Award nominees.

No Joke! Ledger’s role is Oscar-worthy.

Pair of ‘Reader’ Reviews Tell Me I’m Going to Like It.

‘Benjamin’ Beauty: A Quick Commentary on ‘Benjamin Button’; David Fincher Tries Unique 'Brutality Method' of Oscar Campaigning.

MGM Swats Rogue Critic in Latest Round of 'Valkyrie' Backlash; Tom Cruise takes a risky flight with World War II-era 'Valkyrie.'

What to Say When Your Movie Flops, 'Australia' Edition [Didgeridon't].

'Milk': How it got made.

Slippery Mickey Rourke Fights Toughest Opponent Yet: The Truth.

Blanchett Set For Walk Of Fame Honour.

Must Read: Roger Ebert Criticizes the Death of the Film Critic.

Images: The picture's from this weekend, but the headline makes me laugh: Gambit: Cajun Thief By Day, 90s Go-Go Dancer By Night. Also: First Look at Weisz in ‘Agora’ as Well as Several Set Pics; First Look: Thomas Jane in Noir Drama 'Give 'Em Hell Malone'; Men Who Stare at Goats set pics.

Trailers and clips: Exclusive Clip Shows Why Keanu Can't Fill Original Klaatu's Boots; 3rd Spirit Featurette & 3 International Spots; Exclusive: Clip from 'Let Them Chirp Awhile'; Trailer for 'Mammoth' - Starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams; Has Gay Cinema Finally Gone Too Far? (We Hope So!) ['Were The World Mine']; Watch This: 'The Pen Is Mightier' ("one pen's journey to defend the enslaved pencils from their evil masters, the straight-edge rulers").

What Were The Most Popular Movie Trailers of 2008?

Twilight Take Plummets; Catherine Hardwicke Eager To Return For ‘Twilight’ Sequel - What Do You Think Of Her Plans?; Casting 'The Volturi' in 'New Moon,' the 'Twilight' sequel; 'New Moon' wank starts... NOW. Also, from everstar3: "I come bearing news about what was really important in Twilight, i.e., what you could knit in it. Someone has made a pattern for Bella's mittens, and it is here"; the best ticket stub ever; Reese Witherspoon remembers her son fondly (the scene in question cut from 'Vanity Fair'); Twilight Inspiration: Edward Cullen's Bedroom Design (really?); via wildcatlizzie, OK magazine scans: "You have little girls going, 'I want to have your babies,' and it's like, no, you don't, seriously. I don't even want to have my babies"; and finally, via sleevesofsatin: suzyx's Twilight icons ("He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake").

(One more thing: "Fursplode" in the Urban Dictionary? I didn't actually put this in there myself, just so you know. It's framed like I actually posted the definition, which I didn't. So, does someone actually have an account on there with my name? Because I just started one with the username "Cleolinda," but the fursplode definition wasn't posted by me, and--I'm confused now.)

Brian Grazer Reveals ‘Nottingham’ Plot Points, Sets Record Straight On Russell Crowe Confusion (spoilers).

'Quantum of Solace' Holds Strong At US Box Office; Olga Kurylenko's 'Quantum' Dress Goes Up For Auction; Chris Corbould On Creating 'Quantum' Special Effects.

German HBP calendar promos; Tom Felton Talks Malfoy Manor, Draco and his father Lucius Malfoy, and More in New Interview; Rowling's 'Tales of Beedle the Bard' figured into 'Potter' finale (yes, duh, thank you); PotterCast Emceeing Bryn Mawr Yule Ball with Moaning Myrtles, Mudbloods, Whompy and Ministry!; Daniel Radcliffe Livens Up ‘Inside The Actors Studio’; Jason Isaacs, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters Nominated at Satellite Awards. Well, this is what happens when you put half of Britain in the Harry Potter movies.

'Dawn Treader' Casting Call Information; Narnia: Dawn Treader In Trouble?

(I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this macro.)

Learn More Than You Could Ever Want To About Star Trek's Doomed Spaceship; Steampunk Star Trek Wallpaper.

Tartakovsky Armors Up for 'Iron Man 2.'

Unseen Star Wars Visions Emerge; So Many Star Wars Photos.

New 'Forbidden Planet' Delves into Creation of Alien Tech; J. Michael Straczynski Promises His Take On ‘Forbidden Planet’ Will Be Something ‘No One Has Thought Of.’

‘Green Lantern’ Screenwriter Talks Casting Superman’s Cameo And More.

George Miller Officially Off Justice League.

Guillermo Del Toro Tagged For Stop-Motion Remake Of ‘The Witches’?

Exclusive: Juliette Lewis Joins Mark Ruffalo’s ‘Sympathy For Delicious.’

Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald To Star In Scorsese-Directed HBO Pilot 'Boardwalk Empire'?

'Fame' faculty: Yay, nay, or eh? "The high school's faculty will include Bebe Neuwirth (dance), Kelsey Grammer (orchestra), Megan Mullally (voice), and Broadway actor Charles S. Dutton (acting) in the 2009 film," with Debbie Allen as the principal.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Awfully Defensive About His 'Doubt' Priest's Extracurricular Choirboy Activities.

A 'Rome' Movie? Hail, Caesar!

EXCLUSIVE: Ray Winstone Cast As Ceaser In Cleopatra Musical, Soderbergh Calls It ‘Viva Las Vegas Meets Tommy.’ You can hear me screaming "[SIC]" from over here, can't you?

Vampire Comedy Has Musicians Lining Up to 'Suck.'

Michael Sheen Completed Frost Film As Werewolf: "So there I am, dressed as a werewolf with an arrow through my arm, covered in blood, and I go right into David Frost mode... I got someone to take a photograph of me [recording one line] as Lucian in 'Underworld' and I sent it to Ron [Howard]."

This Can't Be - New Tron 2 Plot Details and Title Change?!

Rumor: Scott Frank Directing New 'Planet of the Apes' Movie?

Plot Details Revealed for 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' (related: 14 film franchises that should stop).

Holding Out for a Hero: "Sure, Transporter 3 features a scene where Jason Statham takes off his clothes so he can hit bad guys with his shirt, but is that gay? Yes! says series mastermind Louis Letterier. 'If you watch the movie and you know he's gay, it becomes so much more fun,' Leterrier told the LA Times."

'Space Buddies' Takes Air Bud to Next Level (Space).

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