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Wow, did I not think of a title?

Okay, first of all, OUR LONG INTERNATIONAL NIGHTMARE IS OVER: JKR/WB vs RDR Books Trial: RDR Books Withdraws Appeal.

Second of all: Holy shit, Edward Dollen really does look like David Boreanaz.

Third: For people wondering about what the hell's up with the Bella doll, this is the outfit she's wearing. You only see the peasant blouse in the hotel scene because she's got the jacket zipped up after that. And the doll's actually wearing the brown jacket from another scene (this one. Look at the cuffs). Look, I don't actually care what she's wearing--padawansguide and I just geek out over costumes like whoa on her site sometimes, so I'm used to scrutinizing tiny details like a nutbar. People were just asking, is all.

Fourth: An email conversation I just had with my mother, who is apparently way more invested in the situation than I had dreamed:
Twilight doll pictures have come in. Stand back, they're creepy (see attachments).

He looks more like the person playing the part than she does.

Yeah... Bella has a severe lack of bitchface. And their hair colors are switched for reasons I cannot fathom. I'm sure Robert Tonner will be getting hundreds of angry emails to that effect by the end of the day. You think I'm kidding, and I'm not even.

You’re probably right about the calls – I even wanted to make one about Bella. Bella doesn’t even look like the actress. I’m sure they will be a big disappointment to those fans who live and breathe Twilight………………..
So... there's that.

And for folks a little lost with the whole Secret Life of Dolls thing, there's some background and a chronological list of entries over here (after a little housekeeping to get the list up to date).


Ship carrying 122 adrift in Antarctic.

Towering fraud: newspaper steals Empire State Building.

Knut The Polar Bear Falls Victim to Child Star Syndrome [Clips].

Mattel wins permanent injunction vs MGA in Bratz case.

Men's Mid-Life Crises Now The Fault Of Feminism.

Author, 9, reveals how to pick up girls; 9-Year-Old Dating Expert Not Exactly A Ladies Man.

Loneliest Lil' Food Critic to Become a Kid Power Film.

Via John Scalzi: Aspiring writers: Don't do this.

Victorian watch cock necklace. Wait, a what?

Music review: The Killers.

Iggy Pop: 'I was looking for an elegant coma.'

Kings of Leon star reveals anorexia battle.

Voltaire Releases First Music Video.

MTV Closing Rhapsody Office; John Norris A Victim Of MTV Layoffs? Aw, I always liked him. Even though his highlights scare me now.

'Ellen' Guest Goes Into Labor, Welcomes First Baby of the Apocalypse.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Barbara Walters Using Soft Focus Lens… On Himself.

Ben Stein Wins Roger Ebert's Disdain.

Nora Roberts’ 'Tribute' Comes to Lifetime. Will it be as good as 'Carolina Moon'? Because it will be appointment TV if so.

James Franco is BlackBook Bold; Isla Fisher does Australian FHM magazine; Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in Rome.

National Board calls 'Slumdog' year's best film; Oscar 'Knight'? Batman's hopes look stronger; Grammys Right Oscar Wrongs, Nominate 'Dark Knight' and 'There Will Be Blood'; Sundance Announces Out-of-Competition Sections; 1988 Best Supporting Actor: Want a do-over?

Images: New Stills from 'The International', starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts; New 'Friday The 13th' Poster; 'Dare' movie stills; Taste Eastwood’s ‘Gran Torino’ Rage… 35 Times (" 'Clint Eastwood is tastefully racist in Gran Torino.' Put that shit on the poster").

Trailers and clips: ET's Sneak Peek at the New 'Terminator Salvation' Trailer; 'Che' Poster, Trailer, Revolutionary.

PopWatch Previewer: 'Little Ashes,' 'Che,' and 'Race to Witch Mountain.'

Go Fug Yourself: Twilight on Ice; Robert Pattinson interview video ("Do you want to come home with me? Please don't answer that, I'm just saying it to be nice"); Robert Pattinson Knows How To Deal With Stalkers ("I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year.... I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her. I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back"); more videos; Whatever Happened to 'Twilight,' Anyway? ("The one industry observer still paying attention points us today to the IMDB STARmeter, that infallible bellwether of influence and status where the young, cheap cast of Twilight has retained control of the entire top 10 "); How 'Twilight' turned us on to AA Bondy's 'Vampyre' blues.

My Chemical Romance Song ‘Integral’ To ‘Watchmen’ Ending, Says Frontman Gerard Way.

Rowling creates yet more magic in 'Bard' (review); Report and Photos from JK Rowling's Beedle the Bard Release Party in Scotland; New Rowling book goes straight to No. 1.

Viggo Mortensen On 'Good', 'The Road', and 'The Hobbit.'

More Creatures In 'Dawn Treader'; Additional 'Caspian' Extras Available in Regions 2 and 4.

Holiday Movie Junk: 'I Am Legend' Ultimate Collector's Edition.

Zanuck Defends 3-D 'Alice in Wonderland.'

'Creature From The Black Lagoon' Will Be Based On Pure Science.

Mickey Rourke And Darren Aronofsky: Party People, By Kurt Loder.

Mark Romanek Finally Nabs a New Gig--Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go.' That should be one to look out for...

How Some Dude's Flickr Photo Wound Up in 'Iron Man'; Could your Flickr photos make it big in Hollywood?

Q&A: Alexander On 'Punisher' Rumors; Film review: 'Punisher: War Zone': "The third time for the Marvel anti-hero is definitely not the charm."

Will Signourney Weaver Appear In The ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel? She’s Got Ideas.

Russell Brand Eyes Remake Of Dudley Moore’s ‘Arthur.’

Exclusive: Oz Star Eamonn Walker Plays Howlin' Wolf in 'Cadillac Records.'

Ask 'Marley and Me' Stars a Question For Unscripted; Ask 'Bedtime Stories' Stars a Question for Unscripted.

George Lucas on Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Forget Shia — There's Only One Heir To Indy's Fedora ['The Librarian'].

Stoller Talks Black's Gulliver. Wait. Gulliver's Travels? With Jack Black? I don't know that I like the sound of this.

Universal Pushing For Remake Of John Carpenter’s ‘They Live.’

Fox is Remaking 'Romancing the Stone.' OUT! OUT! GTFO, KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Dragonball Gets a New Title; I still find myself unable to care.

Paris Hilton Wants To Be Tinkerbell [Don't Clap].

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