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Wow, did I not think of a title?

Okay, first of all, OUR LONG INTERNATIONAL NIGHTMARE IS OVER: JKR/WB vs RDR Books Trial: RDR Books Withdraws Appeal.

Second of all: Holy shit, Edward Dollen really does look like David Boreanaz.

Third: For people wondering about what the hell's up with the Bella doll, this is the outfit she's wearing. You only see the peasant blouse in the hotel scene because she's got the jacket zipped up after that. And the doll's actually wearing the brown jacket from another scene (this one. Look at the cuffs). Look, I don't actually care what she's wearing--padawansguide and I just geek out over costumes like whoa on her site sometimes, so I'm used to scrutinizing tiny details like a nutbar. People were just asking, is all.

Fourth: An email conversation I just had with my mother, who is apparently way more invested in the situation than I had dreamed: Read more...Collapse )

And for folks a little lost with the whole Secret Life of Dolls thing, there's some background and a chronological list of entries over here (after a little housekeeping to get the list up to date).

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