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Maybe I should have used this icon for my rant instead

The tree is up! And Sister Girl and her boyfriend are coming over to help decorate it tonight! Thus, linkspam will be early.

Oh, and I had a request to syndicate my ever-so-scintillating Twitter feed, so... here it is: cleotwitter. (Deeply fascinating sample Twit: "Aaaaand the new Britney song has eaten my brain. Well, it's not like Twilight left me with all that much of one anyway.")

From punzerel: "reqbat is pledging to donate 100% of her etsy proceeds in the next week to UNICEF, specifically for emergency relief of the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe. She has some very cool items (check out the doorknob hangers, especially) which would make awesome stocking stuffers or gifts. Would you be willing to post a link in your next linkspam post? Her post here has all the information plus a link to her shop. Thank you!"

Sci-fi’s grand old man Forrest J. Ackerman dies.

Woman swept to sea during proposal on Oregon coast, is still missing.

Diamond thieves pull off $100 mln Paris heist.

Three airlines drop self-reporting safety program. I'm sure that's going to end well.

'Koobface' virus turns up on Facebook.

The "Nice Guy," Illustrated.

I don't know what's going on here, except that it involves Sims mods and it's epic.

the rainbow, i tastes it.

The 6 Most Problematic Situations In Barbie History.

Guitarist Satriani accuses Coldplay of plagiarism; Did Coldplay rip off Joe Satriani? Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm really not hearing it.

Michelle Pfeiffer's demo tracks from 'Evita.'

It's . . . Dungeons & Dragons Dance Music?

When Is It Okay For Science Fiction To Cling To The Past?

Discover The Secret Shame Of Dr. Horrible's Moist [Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Comic].

The Quick 10: 10 NaNoWriMo Books That Got Published. Whoa, Water for Elephants was a NaNo?

Weisz Lands Streetcar Role.

Batman's Pissed -- Bale in Etiquette Stand-Off.

MTV's Top 10 Most Bizarre Movie-Interview Moments of 2008.

Joseph Fiennes, John Cho 'Flash Forward' on ABC.

It's 'The Librarian' Vs. Dracula!

John Waters picks his favourite films of 2008.

Discuss: Most Disappointing Films of 2008?

From stardustshine: Another amazing Coraline box; from kosher_jenny: A rundown of pictures from everyone's blogs (including mine. HAI THERE FRONT HALL TABLE)--just amazing, really amazing, the diversity of the boxes (someone got a round one! The Animation Archive got a suitcase!) and the care put into them.

Images: New Wolverine Promo Pictures (hi-res); 'The Spirit' launch party pics; Just in Time: Final 'Punisher' Poster; New Photo of Cage in 'Season of the Witch'; 'Spring Breakdown' Movie Stills; Tropic Thunder's For Your Consideration Ads for Kirk Lazarus!

Trailers and clips: Jim Carrey Falls in Love with ‘Phillip Morris’ in New French Trailer; 'Friday the 13th' Trailer; 'Doubt' clip; Get a Taste of Michael Shannon in ‘Revolutionary Road’; New 'Little Ashes' clips in widescreen; Worth Watching: Richard Curtis' 'The Boat That Rocked' Trailer; Today's Freak Thing: 'Big Man Japan' Poster (and AMAZING Trailer); 'Zombie Nazis Attacking a Mountain Cabin' Trailer ('Dead Snow').

trailer_spot: Boat That Rocked, Che - Argentine/Guerrilla, Forever Enthralled, Black Balloon, Little Ashes.

WB to Re-Release The Dark Knight Jan. 23. YEAHHHHH BITCHES!

Catherine Hardwicke Talks Twilight Sequel, recalls hearing about Heath Ledger's death while scouting Twilight locations (she directed him in Lords of Dogtown); Rolling Stone scans: "The Jonas Vampire"; From the writers of the Colbert Report (sent in by many people): Once You Go Bat; from discogravy, what Twilight sex scenes would read like; Will The 'Twilight' Series Ever Hit Comic Books? (I love when movie sites pose questions to which the answer is basically, "No"); Splash Page Wants To Know: Which ‘Twilight’ Tales Do You Want To See In Comics? (you know, the comics they're not making); You too can smell like a vampire (Wait, who wants to smell like Jacob? And did Alice actually have a Vampire Smell?); So What’s All The Screaming About? Quoth Robert Pattinson: "You [Twilight Lexicon] run a website, can you ask the readers this question? Did people scream while reading the books? I want to know!"

You know, actually? I did scream while reading Midnight Sun. I really, genuinely screamed "AHHHHHHH! JESUS H. CHRIST!" out loud when I got to the part about the rocking chair. Like, so loud that my dogs started barking. I think I might have also screamed when I put two and two together and realized that random line about Bella's window not sticking in Twilight was secretly referring to Edward oiling it.

Wait, you know what? I also screamed a couple of times when I was reading Breaking Dawn. Specifically, "IS SHE PREGNANT?!" and "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?"

... I don't think that's the kind of screaming they meant.

New Harry Potter 6 Photo (teenage Tom Riddle); Alan Rickman to Film Deathly Hallows Scenes in Late 2009; Rickman Talks Alice, Potter; USA Today Previews GoF Deleted Scenes on ABC Family, New Interviews with David Heyman on Deathly Hallows. Meanwhile, JKR at Beedle Release: Locations in Harry Potter Book Not Based on Real Places (O SNAP); the revised Harry Potter Lexicon will come out on January 12th. Rowling's representation, the Christopher Little Agency: "We are also pleased to hear that rather than continue to litigate, RDR have themselves decided to publish a different book prepared with reference to Judge Patterson’s decision."

New Watchmen Mobile Game Makes Alan Moore Cry.

Frost/Nixon: "A Picture For Grown-Ups" [Critical Mass]; Review: Victory signs for 'Frost/Nixon'; Tension, discomfort fill a riveting 'Frost/Nixon'; ROS Movie Review: Frost/Nixon (2008); 'Frost/Nixon' director Howard voted for Nixon; Frost/Beaks: Michael Sheen On Shaming A President, Turning Into A Werewolf, And Visiting Burton's Wonderland.

Review: ‘Nobel Son’ utter waste of time, talent.

Review: 'Cadillac Records.'

Movie Review: 'Punisher: War Zone' (2008); 'Punisher' is just bloody, violently bad.

Ray Stevenson Sheds Some Light On 'The Book of Eli.'

New Film 'The Reader' in Pedophile Controversy.

Singer Not involved in Superman Talk?

Exclusive: 'Timecrime' Director Q&A.

Weaver Reveals 'Avatar' Process; Sigourney Weaver And Ridley Scott To Team Up For Alien-Less ‘Alien’ Sequel?

Miller Says Sin City 2 is Getting Closer. I just wanna see someone play Ava Lord, okay? That's all I really want.

Len Wiseman Bringing 'Atlantis Rising' to the Big Screen.

Nicolas Cage Wants To Show Jay Baruchel His Magic Wand ['Sorcerer's Apprentice'].

Will Smith Says 'Hancock 2' Definitely Will Happen.

Amy Adams Reliving Her ‘Ten Best Days’ To Get Into Heaven.

Anna Faris Is ‘20 Times A Lady,’ Preps Buddy Comedy For Adam Sandler; Dumbest Stunt Book Ever to Become Film.

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