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Extremely random, but, again: tired

Had a good time at the baby shower; kind of tired. Just a few quick things, because I like the perfect attendance streak I have going here, as it were:


Actress-drama teacher Nina Foch ('An American in Paris') dead at 84.

Sunny von Bülow, 76, Focus of Society Drama, Dies.

'My Three Sons' actress Beverly Garland dies.

Pinup Bettie Page hospitalized after heart attack.

Peter Jackson Eulogizes Uncle Forry.

Director Catherine Hardwicke Fired From Twilight Sequels! Ohhhhhh shit. You know, I didn't like her visual style so much, but she was so good with the actors and getting the "normal people" scenes to feel real. I am really, really concerned about who Summit might get for the sequel(s), to tell you the truth. Particularly since I kind of hate New Moon anyway. You know I'm going to have to see it; I'm already getting people asking me to do a Fifteen Minutes for a movie that doesn't even exist yet. If this turns into a trainwreck--oh God, please don't film the sequels simultaneously--I don't know what I'll do. Please don't make this any harder on me than it has to be, Summit. I mean, you know, because my considerations are clearly the most important (she said with a completely straight face).

I'll say this much: if Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart leave? I will walk away from this whole clusterfuck without a single look back, peace out. Which, quite honestly, might be the ideal resolution.

(Side note: Twilight actually held on to #2 at the box office this weekend.)

On TV tonight: Reminder: Extended Goblet of Fire to Air on ABC Family Tonight, Half-Blood Prince Sneaks Online; 'Dear Zachary' Airs on MSNBC Tonight!


Harvard lost how much money? (And which country could you buy for that amount?)

Stephen King: Best books of '08.

For my money, this is the best pickup line I've ever heard: *holds out hand* "Can you hold this for me while I go take a walk?"

I can no longer deny this fact: someday, I will, in fact, own this locket.

And finally: WHOA WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? And it's been there since 2007? Holy crap. And it's not even flagged for unnotability! WHOA. I can but Keanu in response.

(I'm "Cleolinda 'Cleo' Jones." I mean, not that this is incorrect, I just... I have a Nickname, y'all. This is so surreal. I knew about that page but I hadn't really brought myself to look at it before. Wtf.)

(I have "a large cult following," which is probably the epitome of "debatable.")

(WHOA MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THERE AND EVERYTHING. I mean, not like it's hard to find out, but--my birthday is on Wikipedia like PEOPLE WOULD CARE. SO BIZARRE.)

Speaking of my birthday, I've decided--I can't remember if I mentioned this or not--to just have a nice, pleasant day next week and not "do" anything for it. I just feel like being quiet and low-key about it, I don't know. It's my thirtieth, and I think that's why I want it to be quiet. It's not an "omg I feel so oooooold" thing, because I don't--it's just... I'd rather not really think about it, or how many things I feel like I should be or have accomplished by now, or how many opportunities I've blown, or... see? I can feel you gearing up to tell me how many things I have "accomplished," but they all exist in the ether of the online world. I don't have anything "real" to be proud of--even the book I wrote (three years ago) isn't out in North America. I'm not gainfully employed--not until I can sell something--and I can't even drive. So I'd just rather have a nice quiet day and not think about it. There's really nothing I can go out and do that wouldn't make me feel ridiculously sorry for myself, I don't think, so I'd rather try to be positive and just... not deal with it. My friends seem to be having a hard time with this ("You don't even want to go out to dinner?"), but... well. There it is. I want to be happy. I think this is what I have to do--or not do, rather--to accomplish that.

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