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I'm still reading the comments from that last entry, by the way

Late again today, because there was MOAR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Which was fun, so I had that going for me.

Important: I got an email the other day from someone who said that reading The Gift of Fear hours before she attended a seminar helped her realize that the seminar was Bad News; she was able to run away, literally, out of the building, before they got their hooks into her (they immediately started telling people to ignore gut instincts, interestingly enough). Turns out the seminar was the cult Lifespring under a new name--please be aware that variations operate under the names "Mastery In Transformational Training" and "Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness," according to Wikipedia. So basically, I wanted to alert everyone to that before anyone else got sucked in, and also, READ THE GIFT OF FEAR, SERIOUSLY, IT IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW, I AM NOT KIDDING.

Also: in the interest of slimming down the linkspam entries, I've looked into using FriendFeed for the less crucial stuff. Basically, anything I post on Livejournal or Twitter will show up there, and anything I "share" from Google Reader will as well. I won't hit share on anything I intend to use on the linkspam posts--the good and/or movie stuff--so at least that way you're not getting it twice, but if it's just something randomly kind of interesting, I'll throw it up there anyway. (And you'll also see the kind of stuff I initially flag and then don't use.) And you can then add the RSS feed of that to Google Reader if that's what you use. It's a whole recursive tangle of feeds, but you know, whatever. It gives people options. I'll try it for a while, see if it works for people.

Meanwhile, the Twilight sequel trainwreck has gotten EVEN WORSE. THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THEIR MIIIIIIIINDS:
Summit Entertainment has tentatively slated Nov. 20, 2009, as the release date for New Moon, the Twilight sequel, which means any director who signs on to replace Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has to be in Vancouver by Dec. 15 to begin 12 weeks of preproduction before a mid-March start date.
BY THE WAY, THAT IS THIS MONDAY. Which means that a director has to be up in Canada and ready to rumble IN FIVE DAYS.
Reports have speculated that Hardwicke was fired for being difficult on set, but sources close to her suggest Summit's aggressive production schedule turned her off. "She'd love to do the sequel if she could do it better than Twilight,” says one. “It became clear that Summit didn’t have those same priorities."

With or without Hardwicke, Summit faces other snags. Two sources tell EW the studio doesn’t want to rehire baby-faced Taylor Lautner as Jacob, though Lautner’s agent has apparently reached out to the imaging company behind The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in an attempt to demonstrate to Summit how a digitally bulked-up Lautner could work. (Summit says it won’t make a decision until a new filmmaker is on board.)
Before, I thought that Summit--given how closely they courted the fanbase--wouldn't actually recast Lautner, but now that it's obvious they're cheap insane, I'm starting to think that he really is shit up a creek.

However, here's the bottom line:
“We are in a recession,” reminds one Hollywood insider. “It’s a hit franchise. Whoever steps into it is guaranteed a $100 million gross. Everyone wants this movie.” Adds an exec at another studio, “You’d have to have a very high standard for art, hate the movie business, and hate money to walk off this sequel.”
Meanwhile, the Twilight Lexicon has a Summit Entertainment mailing address for anyone wanting to get their snail-mail protest on; "We've been kicked out of the Twilight editorial, so we're homeless, so please leave your name and number after the tone"; Catherine Hardwicke Still Promoting Twilight in Paris; ‘Twilight’ Star Kellan Lutz Likes Kids, But Doesn’t Want Yours ("NIKKI, YOU GOTTA GIVE THE BABY BACK"); a really interesting look at Bella's agency from a teenage rather than adult point of view; Now You Can Have Your Own Robert Pattinson Doll. I am completely confident that no one will do unspeakable things to that doll, by the way.

(Beedle the Bard, Vampire Slayer. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

Prolific character actor Robert Prosky dies at 77.

Mark Ruffalo's brother death: Suspect cleared; Murder Suspect: 'Ruffalo Died In Russian Roulette Game.'

Fond Ties Have Grown Between Chicago and Its Corruption Fighter; Patrick Fitzgerald Is Sexy When He's Steaming Mad [Clips]. I... I kind of wondered if it was just me on that one.

Ploughshares Named Top-Ranked Literary Magazine. Ah, I even have a rejection from them, from way back in high school when I was a Very Srs Writer. Good times.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Wrestling with New Novel.

True Blood's Harris Looks Ahead.

The Daily Routines of Interesting People.

Pearl Jam to remaster, remix, and reissue 'Ten.' This was the soundtrack of my adolescence, by the way. This and way too much Bryan Adams.

Coldplay responds to 'Viva La Vida' lawsuit.

Evan Rachel Wood is Mary Jane in 'Spider-Man' musical.

Tennant out of 'Hamlet' for Surgery.

Entertainment Earth: Weird Gifts For The Freaks & Geeks On Your List. Man, I love those catalogs.

Cloverfield Monster Toy Arrives.

What is the Jejune Institute and Why Are They Recording Your Thoughts? [ARG]

Broadcast Critics Show Some Love for "Milk" and "Benjamin Button"; 'Wall-E' Named Best Picture By LAFCA; The 'Wall-E' Bandwagon Begins; 2009 Writers Guild Awards Nominees Announced; Oscar smackdown: Nixon vs. Batman?; MTV News’ Tim Kash Reflects On Golden Globes Vs. Oscars; Potential Actor Strike/Boycott Threatens Oscar Broadcast.

Images: First Look: Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist in 'Kick-Ass'; 'Bride Wars' Posters; First Look: 'Julia & Julia', 'Stepfather', 'Armored,' 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs,' 'Angels and Demons'; New stills from My Bloody Valentine - 3D; Who Cracked Lena Headey's Head? ['The Broken']; New Batch of Stills for 'Friday the 13th'; The Thundercats Are In Good Hands... And Evil Claws [Concept Art].

Trailers and clips: Watchmen Comic-Con Footage Free on iTunes!; Jessica Biel’s Stripper Debut in the Trailer for ‘Powder Blue’; I Do Not Accept This 'Proposal' (Trailer); EXCLUSIVE: Check Out ‘Twilight’ Star Cam Gigandet’s Spooky New Film ‘The Unborn'; The Unborn exclusive clip (different? I guess? I didn't watch either one? I like sleeping at night?); Official Trailer For 'Ink.'

trailer_spot: Terminator Salvation, Watchmen, Proposal, $9.99, Joy Division.

Must Watch: Brand New 'Terminator Salvation' Trailer - Updated!; New ‘Terminator Salvation’ Trailer Debuts - Japanese Style; Shot-By-Shot Breakdown Of Terminator Trailer's Mayhem; Another 'Terminator Salvation' Photo + Interesting T4 Poster; Bale, 'Terminator Salvation' featured in 'Total Film'; EXCLUSIVE: Common Writing ‘Terminator’-Inspired Song For ‘Salvation’ Soundtrack.

First Look: The Cast of The Last Airbender, featuring... Jesse McCartney, Jackson Rathbone, and some unknown kid. Oh, and lots of fan wank.

Connelly, Reeves, Hamm and Derrickson Talk ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’; Klaatu Movie Shot Into Space, Director Washes His Hands Of Eventual Invasion [Exclusive]; Digging into the Production Design of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’; "Earth Stood Still" Science Advisor Reveals All; Klaatu Is a Sex Toy - Literally; Ray Bradbury’s Bizarre "Earth Stood Still" Christmas Sequel [The Day The Earth Stood Still].

First Day Of 'Dark Knight' DVD Sales Break 2008 Record: Certain To Smash All DVD Records; Site of the Day: Christopher Nolan analyzes his favorite scene in 'Dark Knight';
Dark Knight Fans Want Angie & Depp for Sequel; Watch This: Make Your Own 'Dark Knight' Commentary!

Universal Moves Wolfman, Nottingham and Fast & Furious; Universal Pulls 'Fast and Furious' From Their Summer Line-Up!; Does The Wolfman's Delay Mean He's Getting Neutered?

Anne Hathaway’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ White Queen: ‘Cute But Psycho.’

Review: Holocaust too messy for the sterile ‘Reader’; An unsettling tale lies between the lines of 'The Reader'; Moviefone Interview With Kate Winslet.

Interview: Writer-Director John Patrick Shanley of 'Doubt'; Meryl Streep had doubts about 'Doubt.'

'Dorian Gray' Goes Wilde, 'may upset purists.'

'Inkheart' --'s review.

Brad Pitt Heads To South America, Will Search For ‘The Lost City Of Z.’

Jennifer Aniston Prepares To Sing Poorly For Prison Musical ‘Goree Girls.’

Marisa Tomei, John C. Reilly, and Jonah Hill Become a Dysfunctional Family.

Tobey Maguire Cranks It To Eleven For ‘Rock Of Ages’ Adaptation.

‘Yes Man 2′ Already Getting Greenlight?

Another Uwe Boll Slot battle royale, woohoo!

Report: 'Hot Tub Time Machine' now stupidest movie title ever; 'Hot Tub Time Machine' Writer Comes Forward, Explains Himself.

Dragonball: Evolution Posters; Another Horrible Trailer for Fox's 'Dragonball Evolution.'

Thank Goodness! They Found a Director for the 'Chipmunks' Sequel!

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