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Hey, why not post now?

Here's how you can tell I'm a bit more lackadaisical about the Oscars than I used to be: "Eh, Golden Globe noms at 7 am. They'll still be there when I wake up." So here they are. Surprises: love for In Bruges and Pineapple Express; nothing for The Dark Knight or Milk except supporting actor and actor, respectively. Mostly I'm just surprised that they didn't kiss The Dark Knight's ass so they'd have more movie stars show up and more fans tuning in. I mean, the Globes are kind of a joke even by awards show standards ("Be aware that the small motley local crew who belong to the scandal-riddled HFPA won't grant membership to real journalists at the prestige newspapers across the world"), so it's not like this would have been beneath them.

That said, I really do enjoy liveblogging the Globes a lot--they're the Drinky Oscars! So much more fun.

(Best headline on the subject I've seen all morning: 2009 Golden Globes: Good Year For Jokers, Midnight Tokers.)

Meanwhile, Globes dodge strike bullet, Oscars may not. An Oscars without writers = crappy; an Oscars without movie stars = POINTLESS.

Also, just because it is awesome and I happened to see it right now, The 'Watchmen' International Trailer Is Here!

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