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Not intended to be the day's full linkspam

I think seasonal affective disorder is starting to set in--it's funny, because I go through this every year (by definition, actually), so you'd think I'd have the warning signs down to a science by now. For some reason I'd gotten it down to "January and February are increasingly bad," but I hadn't ever really noticed December. Maybe because December is shiny and full of cake? I don't know. But it's suddenly occurred to me that, in terms of weather, November is cold (well, sometimes down here) but sunny, and December is just crap on a stick. And, as previously discussed, I think I may be a reverse vampire solar-powered.

So I'm not feeling so good right now. The good news is, it's not really an emotional depression; that lifted after I got through my birthday. It's just a sludgy Let's Curl Up on the Couch and Watch DVDs Instead of Doing Fuck-All depression. Which, I mean, that's great, but when you're dumb intrepid enough to try writing for a living, you don't get paid if you don't produce. So I suck, is what I'm saying. Seasonally.

(To digress, a nifty trick I have discovered: if you add your own Livejournal to Google Reader, and then you create a particular tag for it ["livejournal," let's say], you can then search any term in that tag. And the full text of your entries will be included. So basically, you've got your own personal LJ search engine. Hell, you could add anyone else and search them, too. Problem: It won't show any friends-locked or privatized entries. But since the majority of my entries are public anyway, it's extremely useful for tracking down That One Time I Mentioned Something; it took me two seconds, maybe, to find the "I am solar-powered" entry.)

Hmm. Let's have some Twi-spam. I can't believe Twimania's still marching on at this rate (well... actually, I can), but it is, and it's crazier than ever:

BBC Interview Transcript of a Pattinson/Stewart Interview:
Rob: There was actually someone who put little notes on my car - right where I lived – where I was living. Saying like, ”Hi I just want to say that I’m a really normal person, if you’d like to have a drink or whatever, give me a call.” And the next day there’s another one at the same place. It said, “Please don’t ignore me, I swear to God I’m a normal person.” And the next day…“Don’t ignore me again. If you ignore me again, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.” What are you even thinking?
WOOOOO CRAZYYYYY. And then there's Kristen Stewart chiming in:
Interviewer: Do they hate you because you get to kiss Rob?

Kristen: Some of them are abundantly clear that they actually want to kill me.
Merry Christmas! Enjoy filming 'New Moon'!

Meanwhile, the ONTD mods are cracking down on the incessant Twilight posts, so helpful members have started posting pic/video dumps instead. Here are two of them.

Taylor Lautner Continues His Campaign To Join ‘Twilight’ Sequel; POLL: How Would You Address The ‘Twilight’ Casting Crisis? With a federal bailout, or perhaps UN aid?

Chris Weitz on getting the 'Twilight' gig: The secret translation.

So MTV did their top ten men and women of the year, right? The top five women were, from five to one, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and...

MTV News' Woman Of The Year: Twilighters! Send Us Your Video Acceptance Speeches! YOU ARE SHITTING ME. I have never seen such a naked attempt to suck up to a fanbase (and I say this in the same year Entertainment Weekly put out THREE TWILIGHT COVERS and alienated half its subscriber base in doing so). They've just cut out the celebrity middle man and gone straight to the source of power and its kissable, kissable ass. GET OUT, MTV. GET THE FUCK OUT AND DON'T COME BACK.

Okay. I'm over that now.

So, here's something that made mist up a little: the story of 1) where Carter Burwell's composition for "Bella's Lullaby" (or as he prefers to call it, "the love theme," since it doesn't really sound anything like a lullaby) came from (it predates the movie) and 2) the dumbass interference from the studio over a "dissonant" B flat. Because I'm so sure you know better than Carter goddamn Burwell, Studio Guy. And, most importantly, 3) the role the piece played in his own life (make sure you read through to the end). I'll just be over here getting some sparkle out of my eye, it's cool.


All 26 Coraline alphabet posters! (Scroll down for the rest.)

SAG nominations: Who got snubbed?

49 Songs Queue for 2008 Oscar. I have four words for you: "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus."

Eddie Murphy won’t be playing The Riddler; Alan Horn Clears Up Dark Knight Sequel Rumors. Everybody breathe, okay?

Is Baz Luhrmann Actually Going To Make a Great Gatsby Movie? This is Sister Girl's favorite book, Luhrmann. Don't screw this up, or I'm going to get another long, angry phone call from her like the one I got after she saw the Benjamin Button trailer (also based on a Fitzgerald story).

Fuck You, Penguin ("A blog where I tell cute animals what's what").

Oh, and also--the Young Wizards forums have been spiffed up.

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