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Tired, so without further ado:

Majel Roddenberry, 'First Lady of Star Trek,' dies; Remembering Majel Roddenberry.

‘Apocalypse Now’ star Sam Bottoms dies.

U2 album details!

Long-Suppressed Gay Star Trek Episode Comes Out.

Baby Polar Bear Attack, om nom nom.

Baker, Barrymore and Cohen to Present at the Globes; L.A. Dispatch: Accepting for Heath?

Images: New Images: Disney's 2009 Preview, '13', Tarantino's 'Basterds'; New Images: Warner Brothers 2009 Preview; First Look: Kate Beckinsale in Dominic Sena's 'Whiteout'; Two Sites for 'The Unborn,' and New Photos; Sundance First Look: 'Sin Nombre' and 'Afghan Star'; Natalie Portman Has '17 Photos of Isabel'; First Look at Kristen Bell's 'When In Rome'; First Look: Vince Vaughn's 'Couples Retreat.'

Trailers: Exclusive 'Benjamin Button' Preview (related: Button's Henson Is Pitt's Ma); The New 'Bloody Valentine' Spot is Here; Worth Watching - Franck Vestiel's 'Eden Log' Trailer; ‘Obsessed’ Trailer Looks Awful; The Title 'Samurai Zombie' Should Be Enough.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to Film for 54 Weeks. DAMN.

Don Cheadle Talks 'Iron Man 2'; Will Tim Robbins Play Papa Stark in 'Iron Man 2'?; Rumor: Hawkeye and Black Widow Will Be in 'Iron Man 2'?!

‘Twilight’ Superfan ‘NoMoreMarbles’ Offers Her Acceptance Speech, Have You Sent In Yours?; 'Twilight' Lady-Pandering Earns MTV 'Patronizers of the Year' Award. OKAY SO IT'S NOT JUST ME ON THIS ONE.

Benicio Del Toro Goes Old School For ‘Wolf Man,’ Declares No Monster Cameos.

Watchmen Trial Delayed; Watchmen's Day Of Reckoning Now Two Weeks Later.

The Hobbit Pushed Back To 2012.

'Dawn Treader' Heading from Mexico to Australia? Yeah... drug war violence is a pretty good reason to move.

Must Watch: Danny Boyle and Darren Aronofsky One-on-One!

'Che' Director Steven Soderbergh On Creating His Controversial Epic.

German critics like Cruise’s ‘Valkyrie’; Tom Cruise Screens "Valkyrie," Admits Arrogance; Scoop: Tom Cruise skips son’s first film premiere; Scoop: Group bungles ‘Valkyrie’ protest. Oh, Anonymous.

Exclusive 'The Tale of Despereaux' Video Interviews; Watson brings a little magic to 'Potter,' 'Despereaux' roles; 'Despereaux' is no 'Ratatouille.'

No, no, no to 'Liar'-like 'Yes Man.'

Reviews: 'Yes Man,' 'Seven Pounds.'

Blu-ray Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still (Special Edition). This is the original, by the way.

Keanu Reeves Eager To Do ‘Something Good’ With ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Movie.

Exclusive: Miller On Spirit, Sin 2.

Barry Sonnenfeld Helming 'The How-To Guide for Saving the World.'

Soderbergh: Fourth ‘Ocean’s’ Movie Unlikely Due To Bernie Mac’s Passing.

Green Lantern Movie Update.

Maggie Q to Star in 'King of Fighters.'

A 'Bergman thing' going on with 'Doubt' star Amy Adams.

New Regency Making 'The Family Hitchcock.'

Set Report: Fraser's 'Inkheart'; 'Inkheart' — Where Are We Now?

Billy Ray Goes from Fact to Fantasy with 'The Conjure Wife.'

White Wash [Diversity In H'wood] ("The NAACP released a report yesterday that stated that minorities are underrepresented both behind and in front of the camera on television in Hollywood"); Airbender Casting Makes Fans See... White. QED.

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