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So I get an email from my mother yesterday, after I send her the show recap, and it says, I liked it better when they were just a paragraph. Could you just send me that? You know, never mind that I started doing this for her in the first place...


Sexy musical bath. Ah, it's Nicole. Brady picks up the radio and makes as if to throw it in the tub. Nicole shrieks. This is clearly a dream.

Shawn shout-begs Helle Kewpie to tell him that she was just confused. Belle persists that she did lie, but that she's sorry. Yeah, tell it to Dead Grandma Alice. Shawn storms off and shuts the door in Belle's face. She follows him into the chapel. Blah blah sorry blah. Blee blee too late dead Grandma blee.

Patrick comes to the hospital looking for Jennifer, but gets cockblocked stonewalled by a nurse. Jennifer pleads with Lexie for her baby. Lexie points out that there isn't much else they can do if Jennifer wants to live to raise the kid she's already got, so they'll have to terminate the pregnancy.

Kate and Philip angst about Marlena and Belle, respectively. Kate is using her Whispery Voice of Whispery Affectation.

Marlena's room: M's all like, "John? Why would you push me? Why would you do that? I confessed? Why would I do that?" Sami shrieks, blaming John. Lucas tries to restrain her. Again. John is sporting a look of complete and utter WTF?ness.

Commercials. The Girl with a Pearl Earring shills for Patanol eye drops.

Chapel. Belle sorry blah. Shawn angry blee. "Oh my God... you think it's my fault Mrs. Horton died." We have a winnah!

Marlena's room: Sami shrieks, blaming John. John looks confused. Marlena looks guilty, but she tells John to go away. The mood in the room is turning against him, because these people are clearly morons. Sami asks to speak for Marlena alone. She's really sweet to her mother, and if I wasn't wishing varied violent deaths on her, that would carry some weight with me. She also has a really ugly French manicure. Just saying.

Philip runs into Crazy Jan, who is dressed as a nurse. She makes a barely-disguised run for it.

Hope points out that the only eyewitness claims that John pushed Marlena. Bo points out that this eyewitness is Sami. Hope concedes the point, but says that they pretty much have to arrest John. Commercials.

Sexy bath. Heh, it's not a dream. Brady is apparently just looming over the tub with a radio to freak her out. Go you, B. Nicole chokes on her martini when Brady tells her that Marlena didn't join the choir invisible. Nicole gets out of the tub and asks for a towel. And then she drops it and asks him to pick it up. Hilariously, you can see from the side that her breasts are fully covered with foam.

Hospital. Lexie asks Patrick to sit with Jennifer while she calls the Hortons about the baby. Patrick walks in on Jennifer praying for help--I won't say she's praying to Jack, but... yeah. Abrupt cut to commercials.

Chapel of the Holy Guilt Trip. Shawn and Belle. Sorry. Angry. Sorry. Bitter. Sorry. Oh, hey, Belle just admitted that, if Marlena's the killer, Grandma Alice's death will be her fault. Shawn seems to soften up a little and... no, still bitter. There's a beeping sound, and they turn around, and... "I don't believe it!" There's Crazy Jan in her scrubs beeping away on her pager thing in the back of the chapel. (What is that thing Crazy Jan and Nicole use? I'm not up on my portable technologies these days.)

Hospital lobby. Kate and John are baffled by the whole turn of events. Bo can't believe Hope would arrest John. Hope can't understand why Alice would call John if she were in trouble. Oh, I don't know, because Marlena is HIS WIFE? Kate and John: John insists Marlena confessed. Sami shrieks, blaming John. Marlena appears, having staggered out of bed long enough to proclaim John the killer. Then she collapses. Commercials.

Sexy bath. Brady drapes Nicole with her towel. "When will you learn, Nicole? If the sight of your naked body did anything for me, you'd have gotten what you wanted a long time ago." Heh. (In case you missed the discussion in the comments yesterday, these two actors are married in real life. Heh.) Brady insists that the serial killer did not kill Victor--and that Nicole probably did. And that Bo is on his way over (which I find highly dubious, given the scene Marlena just caused). Nicole goes into a b&w fantasy sequence where she's wearing a Basic Instinct-esque white dress and Bo talks like Bogie. Good Lord, that dress barely covers her hips and trust me, Bo has noticed EWWWWWWWWW THIS IS SO GROSS MAKE IT STOP. All right, now they're snogging. Just... whatever. Back to reality. Nicole smirks, "Like father, like son." Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about that. Ew.

Oh great, now we're back to the hardboiled interrogation fantasy. This time Bo brings in Nicole and Crazy Jan, and she's all, "OkayIdiditImurderedyourfather!" Nicole's like, Well, shit. Well, at least there was no making out this time. And then her fantasy is interrupted by a page from Jan telling her to get to the hospital. Why, because she's on the verge of totally not getting with Shawn? Freakshow.

Jennifer's room. Patrick's all like, do you trust me? It's not too late to save the baby. Cut to commercials.

Chapel of the Holy Guilt Trip. Belle doesn't recognize Crazy Jan, but just tells her not to use her cell phone (or pager thing, or whatever) in the hospital. Back to Belle and Shawn. Sorry. Bitter. Sorry. Angry. Sorry. Bitter. Exit Shawn and Belle. Enter Nicole, who catches up with Crazy Jan.

Marlena's room. Half the cast helps her back to her bed. Sami shrieks at Bo, blaming John. I'm still kinda grossed out by that interrogation fantasy. Lobby: John and Sami seethe at each other. Hope tells Bo that either he can arrest John or she can, and Bo makes this hilarious little pussywhipped sputter. I'm less grossed out now. Cut to commercials.

Sexy shower. Brady emerges in his own towel and discovers that Nicole is missing. Hospital: Nicole's all like, so, Jan, where's the fire? Crazy Jan: "I'm about to get everything I want." Sure you are, fruitbat.

Jennifer's room. Patrick pulls out his magic dubloon (look, I don't know) and has Jennifer hold it in her hand and think about Jack and her baby. Lexie finds Patrick watching Jennifer sleeping with the dubloon in her hand, and Patrick insists that they can't terminate the pregna--DAMMIT, MORE COMMERCIALS?

We're back. Lexie tries to argue with Patrick. Jennifer wakes up from "the most peaceful sleep I've had in a long time." Lexie gives her one more checkup, and... the magic dubloon has saved the day. "Nothing's wrong! The baby's not in distress! The contractions have stopped!" Well, naturally the ass-old coin with the death's head on it would save the day. Patrick comes back in, accepts Jennifer's thanks, and gazes at her longingly.

Chez Kiriakis. Brady finds the cellphone/pagermahoo that Nicole dropped.

Hospital: Nicole tells Crazy Jan that Marlena didn't die after all. Philip catches up with Distraught Kewpie. Hope tells Shawn to calm down, and Shawn tells Hope that he proposed--and Belle lied. Kate is badgering Lucas about taking Sami's side. Lucas says he mostly just can't believe Marlena would do it. Kate says that, oh, she can. (Huh.) Hope tells Bo about Belle lying, and Bo refuses to arrest John, and he finally says something sensible: no one can prove anything on either side. Exit Bo. John watches Sami tuck Marlena in through the window of Marlena's room. Marlena watches John watching Sami tuck Marlena in through the window of Marlena's room.

Previews: Celeste says, "Marlena is innocent!," but I don't know if that's a question or a statement. John says, "I know who the killer is!," like this is a new thing or something. Marlena has a tiny little satisfied look on her ostensibly unconscious face. This does not look good.
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