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Quick linkspam, much of it sad:

Harold Pinter, Whose Silences Redefined Drama, Dies at 78.

Eartha Kitt, a Seductive Legend of Stage and Screen, Dies at 81.

'Sopranos' actor 'Johnny Cakes' dead in suicide.

Fox Owns Rights to ‘Watchmen’ Says Judge; WATCHMEN RULING: Where Was Larry? I'm hoping this means that this is just a massive shakedown (legally justified or not) and WB will have to pay Fox a shitload of money, rather than Fox preventing or usurping the distribution of the movie.

Disney Abandons ‘Narnia’ Franchise, Third Film Now In Doubt; How Disney Killed Off Its Billion-Dollar 'Narnia' Franchise. And I have to say, they're absolutely right. Between the release date and the advertising, Disney has no one to blame for the box office performance of Prince Caspian but themselves.

Neil Gaiman finally gets his own Coraline box; Metafilter discusses the campaign, and more than one commenter points out that it actually may be more beneficial for the bloggers, as people reading general overviews of the boxes are discovering lesser-known blogs and sites (mine being one of them).

Because it made me laugh: Official Twilight Perfume at Hot Topic. $48 a bottle! Only one per customer, please! Guess what it smells like. NO, GUESS. Also, they apparently ripped off the Nina Ricci bottle like whoa. I mean LIKE WHOA.

To cheer you up, I bring you something I've been saving for a Christmas post since Sister Girl first sent it to me in October. Just watch it all the way through:

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