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Where did I put my POTO icon?

HEY! HEY! You know how I posted that thing about the POTO sequel last night? They're basing it on The Phantom of Manhattan, with various comments on the previous entry offering... tantalizing (?) details:
Let's just say it involves amusement parks, an precocious boy-child (and I'm not referring to Raoul) and a cameo by Teddy Roosevelt.

I hope they keep in the guy who worshipped Mammon! He would be awesomely bad! I am picturing his big character-defining song now!

Also The Phantom fucks a Christine mannequin and Raoul is a crazy drunk man.
Hey, I wonder who ALW was talking about when he said, "We are pretty clear who our Phantom is going to be — I can’t say who." It can't be Gerard Butler, right? I'd heard a while back that he wanted him to do the sequel, but let's face it, Butler got his ass kicked by movie critics; there's no way in hell he could do a live musical, and why in the world would he want to? So I would really like to know who in the world ALW wants to get to do this. Wouldn't it be nice if we could find out?
Many names were mentioned in connection to the part of Erik, including Michael Crawford (the original London and Broadway Phantom), and Gerard Butler (who portrayed the Phantom in the 2004 film version of the musical). But none were more strongly rumored than West End and television star John Barrowman. In July 2007 it was confirmed that Barrowman was Lloyd Webber's own personal choice for the role.[8] As of May 2008, Barrowman has confirmed that he is in the process of deciding between two roles: Erik in Phantom 2 or the title role in Cameron Mackintosh's production of Barnum,[9] which are both planned to begin their runs in late 2009. Also in July 2007, Lloyd Webber talked about his choice to play Christine in the sequel: mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins. Lloyd Webber has met with both her and Barrowman, and, when seeing them together reportedly said "That's it, I have my two romantic leads."

My work here is done. *cape swish*

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