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A little night linkspam

Stayed off Mountain Dew today, although it was hard--interestingly enough, because I really, really missed the taste of it, not the caffeine. That's always what brings me back around to it--the taste, for some reason. Of course, I still had a caffeine-withdrawal headache anyway, but today's was less deathly than yesterday's. (I'll say it up front, though: I'm allowed to have soda if I go out to eat or see a movie. It's the habit I'm trying to break.)

And now, back to our scheduled Doctor Who wank (major spoiler for series five).

A little linkspam, before the storm potentially knocks out my internet again:

National Critics Pick ‘Waltz with Bashir’ while ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Takes Home Four Kudos.

Lost's Time Traveling To Flash Further This Year.

Images: First official pic from 'Shrink'; More Images from 'Thirst.'

Watchmen Movie Lawsuit Finally Outed As Studio Pissing Match:
According to the New York Times' Michael Cieply, lawyers working on behalf of Warner Bros. are now claiming that Fox's lawyers are blocking evidence that would show that Warners is a "better" studio than the "underperforming" Fox. This is, in part, in response to a deposition from a Fox executive who claimed that his studio was both "unique" and "the best in the business."

If this is the kind of legal battle we can expect from the upcoming trial, we can only hope that - at some point in the proceedings - a Warners' attorney will feel the need to tell a Fox lawyer that he should, in fact, eat all the dicks.

Dan Radcliffe Says NO Thanks to Harry Potter, The Musical; Emma Thompson Makes New Comments on Decision Not to Return as Trelawney.

Read This: Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera.

Can Jesus Become Your New SF Hero? [Jesus Christ Spacestar]: "A new Christian film festival plans to look at how to approach the genre... and maybe co-opt it a little, too."

Mars Invades Earth With X-Rated Movies: Hear For Yourself!

Beware Twinkle, The Destroyer Of Cities! [Found Footage].

For Your Razzie Consideration: 'The Spirit'; What Happened To 'The Spirit'? You know, I think it actually could have worked as a Christmas Day release if it had been filmed in the more colorful style of the actual comic and not shoehorned into Frank Miller's one-trick-pony Sin City style. This is a little like saying "It would have been more successful if it had actually been good," though, I guess.

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