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Sunday already?

Caffeine withdrawal headache: Persistent. Four Advil (taken two at a time) seem to have knocked it out.

Declutteration: Threw out an old, mostly-empty bottle of vitamins, two pens that didn't work, and a broken desk clock.

Effort to be awesome: Set up a massive to-do list, then watched Prince Caspian this afternoon. This doesn't sound particularly awesome, except that I have a bad habit of getting DVDs and then just letting them lie around unwatched, no matter how desperately I wanted them in the first place. (Which is how you can tell I wanted The Dark Knight really, really bad, because I watched it almost immediately.) However, any effort to correct a bad habit will hereafter be considered sufficient to fulfill a minimum requirement of awesome.

Also, I'm trying to eat better. To most people, this means eating healthier, but generally for me, this means eating more (not that these two things are mutually exclusive). Which is going to sound odd, because I'm not underweight--my problem is the opposite. But I'm really lazy about actually thinking of something to eat and then cooking it (the effort of preparing food and chewing it, the horror!), so I tend to go from breakfast to dinner without eating much or anything, which means that my metabolism is shot, I'm sluggish all day, and I feel like crap. So we've got a big pan of chicken baking in the oven so we can nom off it all week, and hopefully I'll bother to actually eat, which will give me energy, which will make me get off my ass.

(Also, homemade spaghetti sauce is simmering downstairs, there's a roast in the crockpot, and a pound cake came out of the oven this morning. The Jones house is full of all kinds of nice smells today.)

Quick linkspam:

Veteran actor Pat Hingle dies at 84. Aw! He was an excellent Commissioner Gordon.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movie Scores of 2009.

"Actually I didn't shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die, but he could tell I was extremely cross": In response to the Coraline Box items on eBay (I'd link you, but the auction's down now), Neil Gaiman is saying that they're not real. I'm not sure if that's better or worse.

New Horror/Reality Series "13 The Fear is Real." That's right, this headline doesn't even deserve a verb.

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