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Breaking news: Taylor Lautner Locked In For 'New Moon.' And those of us on Team Sparkle Motion rub our hands with a low, evil laugh. Meanwhile: Who Should Play Leah Clearwater In ‘New Moon’? An MTV Staffer Weighs In (rumor: Vanessa Hudgens to Join 'Twilight' Cast?); Twilight DVD Date, Art (large enough to frighten children). Also, take your pick: two, two, two overpriced Twilight conventions! AH AH AH! And finally, Something Awful does Twilight.

Moar linkspam!

A different take on the LJ layoffs.

Christmas Essay Was Not His, Author Admits; Readers Rally Around Neale Donald Walsch After Plagiarism Accusations. I particularly enjoy the reader quoted as saying, "Now that you have graciously given credit where credit is due, I can imagine a possibility that Ms. Chand might even be flattered by an author of your stature finding in her work such quality that it moved him to breed further life into it."

1) What?

2) BREATHE. Not "breed," BREATHE.

3) What?

Final 'Pushing Daisies' episodes not airing?

Joss Whedon speaks candidly about Dollhouse and has a message for haters.

Entertainment Weekly Lives.

Mosaic Portrait Artist Uses Pop Icons As Muses.

Revised Unauthorized Lexicon Set to Hit Shelves.

2009 Writers Guild Awards Nominations Announced.

Field Narrows to 7 for 2008 Makeup Oscar.

Images: Check This Out: Poster for Morgan Freeman's 'The Code'; Another First Look: Dito Montiel's 'Fighting' with Channing Tatum; Check This Out: Early Futuristic Judge Dredd Concept Art; Zombie Strippers (2008).

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Intense Trailer for 'The Hurt Locker'; Exclusive: New 'Defiance' Clip; Must Watch: Broken Lizard's 'Slammin' Salmon' Trailer; Official US Trailer for 'Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li'; The star of 'The Unborn' gets spooked in our exclusive video; 'Objectified' Trailer is Sleek Yet Functional; Get Your First Look At ‘Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience’!

trailer_spot: G-Force, My Life in Ruins, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Disgrace, Watchmen.

Watchmen Release Date Decision on Jan. 20; Watchmen Video Journal: The Minutemen.

‘Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince’ Tones Down, Gets PG Rating. BOOOOOOOOOOO. (ETA: Something else to consider: 'Prince Caspian' also got a PG, and it was "wall-to-wall violence.")

Meanwhile: Bill Nighy Still Waiting For David Yates’ ‘Harry Potter’ Casting Call. SCRIMGEOUR! SCRIMGEOUR!

Mickey Rourke Joining Iron Man 2 as Crimson Dynamo! And Sam Rockwell! (nice bit of grammatical weirdness there, guys); With Addition Of 'Iron Man 2,' Mickey Rourke Now In Everything. Which, in turn, refers to...

Mickey Rourke and Every Other Action Star Considered 'Expendable'; Wherein We Muster Cautious Optimism For Sylvester Stallone's Next Film.

David Fincher Disavows 'Benjamin Button' Shooter: "Thank God it isn’t Philadelphia. Some dude got shot for talking on his cell phone. I don’t advocate that."

Confirmed: Arcade Fire Scoring Richard Kelly's 'The Box.'

Lena Headey Makes Her Directing Debut With 'Kill Drug.'

2 Captain Kirks & 2 Darth Vaders Voicing 'Quantum Quest.'

McG Takes A Dive, Will Direct ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo.’

Sex and the City Sequel: Green Light. Which Vivienne Westwood wants to write, by the way.

'Rammer Jammer' book optioned by film company.

Disney to Include DVDs with Blu-ray Releases. THANK YOU.

Disney Casts Lead in Insanely Overbudgeted 'Tron' Sequel. That would be Garrett Hedlund. (Remember? Patroclus?)

(Insert "cousins" joke here.)

(Insert joke about cousins inserting things here.)

Josh Brolin Says New ‘Jonah Hex’ Director Jimmy Hayward Is ‘Amazing.’

Lion-O Voice Actor Comments On ‘ThunderCats’ Fan Trailer, Status Of CGI ‘ThunderCats’ Movie.

James Mangold to Direct 'Juliet.'

Um... When Did Romeo and Juliet Have Babies?

Disco-Bots Are Just Using Lightsabers To Express Their Bouncy Rhythms.

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