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Dammit, I forgot a title again

Did I mention that I just realized yesterday that the Golden Globes are this weekend? I mean, not that that's a huge problem, but I hadn't started strength-training mentally preparing myself for the liveblogging. (The goal, by the way, is to have something you can actually read a week later and have any clue what I was talking about.) They didn't even have the Globes last year, due to the writers' strike, so it'll be nice to have the Drinky Oscars back.

(Please bear in mind, also, that I'm still reformatting the PBWiki as we go, now that we're all having to upgrade to 2.0.)


Weak Password Brings 'Happiness' to Twitter Hacker. *facepalm*

Mess Over DTV May Mean Postponement.

Otter Up!; How many meerkats? London Zoo critter count. I like how the fourth otter at the first link is like "I'm here! I'm here! DID YOU COUNT ME?"

Cardigans' singer on life after 'Lovefool.' I actually like "My Favourite Game" and "Erase/Rewind" a lot better, but that's just me.

Edward Gorey's Ettiquette For 'The Recently Deflowered Girl' [Oldies But Goodies].

Directors Guild noms (which I posted first on Twitter, leading jennitalula to reply, "I so read that and assumed noms like the LOLcat definition. Here are some Directors nomming on cheezburgers." Hey, David Fincher's gotta eat).

Images: Underworld UK Quad Revealed and it's kind of hideous, in a Baby's First Photoshop way; First Look at Jim Carrey in 'A Christmas Carol'; Madea Has Been Arrested Several Times; Five Hi-Res Stills from Dominic Monaghan's 'I Sell the Dead.'

Trailers and clips: Visit 'The Last House on the Left'!; Watch This: 'High Kick Girl' Trailer; Must Watch: First Trailer for Dito Montiel's 'Fighting'; Slamdance Trailers: 'Zombie Girl: The Movie' and 'Spooner'; Sandra Bullock Has Nuked the Fridge - 'All About Steve' Trailer.

Also: Summit Entertainment 2009 Movie Preview, including 'Push,' 'Knowing,' 'The Hurt Locker' (WHOA WAIT RALPH FIENNES? Okay, I'm sold. And he also did Strange Days with Kathryn Bigelow, a movie which apparently I alone in the universe love), 'Next Day Air,' 'The Brothers Bloom,' 'Bandslam,' 'Sorority Row,' 'Astro Boy,' and, of course, 'New Moon.' Speaking of which...

Stephenie Meyer confirms Taylor Lautner will be in 'Twilight' sequel (as we learned last night); New Moon casting calls.

(From deadwoodmt: Vampotato. THE TINY LITTLE FANGS, Y'ALL.)

(Guillermo Del Toro Unveils Plots For His ‘Epic’ Vampire Novels.)

Warner Bros. Wants 'Watchmen' Decision Sooner; Read This Now - Producer Lloyd Levin's Open Letter About 'Watchmen'; 'Watchmen' Producer's Emotional Appeal Fails to Grasp Basic Contract Law. Also: 'Watchmen' Updates Galore - New Photos, Viral Site, and More!; Video Journal #10 in HD; For Sale: Alan Moore's inspiration for 'Watchmen'; The Iconography Stashed in Alan Moore's Brain [Concept Art]; 'Tales of the Black Freighter' Gets An R Rating, Will Teach You How To Sail Atop Dead People; Warner Brothers Has Put All DC Comics Movies on Hold.

Nolan, Goyer Are Brainstorming Sequel Ideas, Says ‘Dark Knight’ Producer; ‘Dark Knight’ wins People’s Choice.

(Related: Fan Rant: Women, You Don't Care About Superheroes. Or so this one dude says, while all the female bloggers are handing him his ass.)

Contest to Win Collector's Edition of "Beedle the Bard" from AbeBooks.

Bill Nighy Eager To Sail Again For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 4.’ Only if you bring Teh Kraken back with you.

How Scary is 'The Unborn'? Ask director David Goyer what freaked out Odette Yustman. Okay, did we actually need to bring in potato bugs bite her? Matt Reeves seems to have gotten perfectly adequate, unbitten screams out of her for Cloverfield.

Speaking of which: Own the Cloverfield monster that destroyed New York. This is the toy we've heard so much about, and--IT'S TWO FEET TALL? I wouldn't be able to sleep with that thing in my house, GOOD GOD.

Leonardo DiCaprio Will 'Beat the Reaper.' Kinky.

Aussie Teresa Palmer gets swept up in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.'

Darren Aronofsky Discusses ‘Lone Wolf And Cub’ Movie Status.

Danny Boyle Asked to Direct 'Lady Vengeance.'

'Rudo y Cursi': Bernal-Luna reunion comedy picked up pre-Sundance.

'Che': the EW review; 'Che' loses battle to get to the root of a revolutionary.

Film review: 'Bride Wars' ("If you only see one Anne Hathaway wedding movie this year, see the other one"); 'Bride Wars': A date movie that will live in infamy.

Sony Kills 'Fright Night' Remake, Instead Wants 'Hell Night.'

Yor Battles Dinosaurs and Lasers! [Found Footage]

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