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I forget who had a link to, but it is marvelous, and I have set up my own radio station. (Not only that, but my taste in music is SO BAD that I'm not evening telling you my username.) Here's how smart Launch is: I'm just playing around with it right now to get some songs rated and get my preferences settled in, and already the thing is feeding me--unasked--Blondie, David Bowie, multiple Lord of the Rings tracks, and--OMG PET SHOP BOYS I LOVE THIS SONG EEEEEEEE!

Dude, this thing is starting to freak me out.

So basically, I'm sitting here giggling every time a new song comes on, and dancing in my chair every time I think of someone new to add ("OMG MOULIN ROUGE!!"). This almost makes up for Kazaa becoming useless.

(Okay, "Rush Rush" just came on and I actually blurted out, "Hee hee!" I told you I have hideous taste.)

ETA: Okay, I've settled in a bit. It's still pretty awful, and the artists/genres on the front page don't reflect the entire selection, but I'm dailydigest.

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