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Golden Globes liveblog #1

So. Show's on NBC, 7 pm my time (CST), with red carpet starting at six. I'm going to hit post at commercial breaks. Everything will be behind lj-cuts to minimize annoyance. My gown tonight will be by Yahoo Avatars, and since it's the Drinky Oscars, I think I'll go with my sassy green dress.

Hosting the red carpet show: Nancy O'Dell, Brooke Burke, and--Tiki Barber? Okay. The Brethren Jonai are clean-cut (the one in the middle--I shouldn't like his black-on-black suitage, but... I kind of do anyway). Rainn Wilson claims he got more cheering on the carpet than the Jonas Brothers, but we didn't hear either way. Here's Miley Cyrus in sort of a white empire waist goddess kind of dress (she's hiding her shoes "cuz they're not that cute"). Five people we've talked to so far, and four of them under the age of twenty. Nice. (Billy Ray's shag bob horrifies me.)

Lord, Peter Gabriel's white-haired. I feel so old. He is happy there will be food and alcohol and is proud of Wall-E. Barber knowledgeably asks him about a project he's doing called "The Elders," which seems to involve Nelson Mandela.

America Ferrera in a silver/gray one-shoulder: she loves New York, and a huge wave of screams goes up behind her, I'm not sure who for.

Aaron Eckhart! I am pleased to see him, although he is boringly attired in the standard uniform. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He enjoyed working on The Dark Knight and is proud to have worked with Heath Ledger, expressing hopes that Ledger wins tonight. I'm going to be real interested to see if he does--if the whole posthumous award thing is going to happen, or if that imperative's going to fizzle out.

Sean Combs. It is a blessing to be here. Also, to get his sexy right.

(Oh my God, who are they screaming for now? It sounds like Santa Claus just drove up.)

Amanda Seyfried... also in a silver/gray one-shoulder. Hmm. She enthuses about Mamma Mia! costar Meryl Streep, who I devoutly hope will 1) win and 2) get her drink on.

Steve Carell has a very thin beard going. He promises "no wacky," and musters a tired "Hey-heyyyyy!" when Barber requests some anyway.

Eva Mendes in strapless white, and a huge--aquamarine? Actually, turquoise, maybe?--collar. She has a home décor line, FYI.

I cut out for dinner at this point, so the next few are from memory:

Blake Lively in--what would you call that, steel blue? Strapless--with her dad, which is sweet.

Jessica Lange (I think?) seems to have suddenly gone a little British, and with her is--who is that? Drew Barrymore? My mother makes the most hilarious face of shock when I tell her this, for some reason--Drew is sporting a gigantic blonde helmet of hair and a powder-blue dress, and seems to have lost a ton of weight, given that other year she showed up in a dark dowdy green and still scandalized everyone by being, uh, wholly unsupported.

Sigourney Weaver (royal blue V-neck) gleefully tells Beyoncé that she loves "Single Ladies." I forget what Sasha Fierce was wearing.

Here's--Aaron Eckhart again? Who's in the gold dress, I can't even remember now, this was during dinner--Rachel Griffiths! Yes. They are sad about Heath Ledger. Again. Some more. They hope he wins but it doesn't really matter if he does, Aaron Eckhart says, because--and he kind of hesitates, and I think he kind of wanted to say "dead." I mean, they're all very hopeful for him, but I think it's kind of like, you know, it doesn't really matter? Winning or losing a Golden Globe doesn't really change his career or his legacy or whatever.

Zac Efron, with slicked down hair and Vanessa Hudgens, looks a little tired. I suspect a lot of the screaming was for them (High School Musical people, for those of you not up with the kids these days).

Another giant wave of screaming--I realize that the "EEEEEEEEEEEN!!!" I heard was part of the word "Angelina." Well, that explains a lot.

Maggie Gyllenhaal ("She's TAAAAALL," my mother declares) in a dark blue print, one-shoulder. She is also sad about Heath Ledger, and hopes he wins but it's okay if he doesn't and it's all pretty much cool. I cannot imagine how many hundreds of times all the Dark Knight people have been asked about this.

I would say Dustin Hoffman is deadpan, but I'm not even sure he's pan. I would be willing to bet he's stoned, though. He puts on his glasses and starts reading off Nancy O'Dell's notecards in a completely toneless voice. I mean, I think he's having fun, but I don't think he's sober.

Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are "nominated WITH each other, not AGAINST each other!" Farrell insists cheerfully. They are both wonderfully Irish and claim that Gleeson has been bribed $20 to root for Farrell. Then Eva Mendes runs up and jumps Farrell. I'm not even kidding.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both in black, being asked about Sarah Palin. That poor woman must have danced in the street the day after the election. "YOU HAVE A NEW BABY" shouts Nancy O'Dell at Will Arnett over the screaming (Tina Fey points helpfully back and forth between Arnett and Poehler for the viewers at home).

Kate Winslet, whom several actresses have cited as the celebrity they most want to meet, in strapless black with Leonardo DiCaprio. God bless him, I think he's finally grown into his face. What are they most looking forward to seeing? "Him win," says Winslet. And you, Leo? "Her win! The movie win!"

Laws, it's Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr (who looks like he just got out of bed. What, did Pepper not wake him up on time? Bless), and--did she say Sting was there? Am I making that up? God good, he's the mountain man standing next to RDJ ("I think I've won before?"). Tom Cruise steers RDJ mid-interview towards the bleachers and RDJ hams it up for them. That was kind of surreal.

Marisa Tomei is wearing, like, an open Edwardian blouse and a dark skirt (I guess?) and a bunch of bohemian jewelry and I kind of love it.

Pierce Brosnan claims that singing in Mamma Mia! was "a piece of cake."

Salma Hayek is there, the dress fits well but the color's kind of dingy (at least on TV), but I have to go because we're about to start, I think.

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