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Golden Globes liveblog #5

I have this down to a science, y'all. I have all my tags and titles and lj-cut coding in a text file ready to cut and paste, I am ready to go, I am ready to RUMBLE.

Ricky Gervais has brought his drink onstage. "SHUSH! How rude are you lot, just because you're film stars! SHUSH! I'm not even nominated. I'm like staff. Hey, Winslet! I told you, do a Holocaust movie..." I actually started clapping at this point. Winslet and DiCaprio are shown roffling over at their table. "The problem with Holocaust movies is that you don't really have a gag reel on the DVD..." I'm not even sure what he's saying about having sex with 200 foreign journalists--the HPFA, I assume. ("Europeans with wispy beards. Shush.") He's here with the clip for Happy-Go-Lucky, not that you can tell.

The Brethren Jonai ("Stars of The Jonas Brothers 3-D: The Jonas Brothers Experience: THE JONAS BROTHERS!") are here to present


"Kung Fu Panda"

and I'm still typing about Ricky Gervais. Good Lord. Wall-E wins, like anyone's really surprised. Director Andrew Stanton looks cuddly.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, JOHNNY DEPP! Even Tom Hanks and Glenn Close are a-squee.


Rebecca Hall, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
Sally Hawkins, "Happy-Go-Lucky"
Frances McDormand, "Burn After Reading"
Meryl Streep, "Mamma Mia!"
Emma Thompson, "Last Chance Harvey"

Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson are both also in black, I would like to add. I would have dressed my avatar in black if I'd known that was going to be The Thing this year. Sally Hawkins (in black) wins and another big cheer goes up--hey, she and Laura Dern kinda have similar dresses, with the transparent black up top, except that Hawkins' is way more epic in the skirt. She wanders around tables past a friendly Streep. "Wow... okay," she says, half-sobbing. "Sorry... I have to put this down. I'll get it in a minute," she says, putting her Globe on the floor. I love her copper eyeshadow by the way. She is seriously choked up (the audience applauds). "Meryl Streep... Emma, where are you?" "HERE!" shouts Emma Thompson. "I'm okay... maybe in a minute," says Hawkins (I don't know, go give her a hug?). Aw, there's Marisa Tomei with wet eyes in the audience, that's sweet.

Next: "One of the most talked-about awards, Best Supporting Actor!" Subtle Announcer is subtle!

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