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So Prison Break has been canceled. This is my mother's second favorite TV show (I promise you, if the Jack Bauer Power Hour had been axed, you would have heard the rending of her garments from the other side of the globe). I emailed her the bad news, and I got this in reply:
Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo……………….. That was really one of the best series, but I was wondering what else they could do. Hopefully, Michael and Sara can be together and Lincoln and Michael will be exonerated and the bitch will get hers!

Meanwhile, at snacky's: When you get into new fandoms, is it because you discover the source material first or because you follow other fans? I say this in Snacky's comments, but--I realized that I follow actors, not fans. I mean, great watershed moments in Cleo Fannishness: "I kinda got bored with Lord of the Rings when I was twelve, but if Her Cateness is doing it, well..." "Alan Rickman at a wizard school? I gotta read this book." "Well, I mean... I know it looks stupid, but it's Hugh Jackman and vampires, so..." "Johnny Depp's in a movie based on a theme park ride?" "Dude, that hobbit guy got a big American TV show?" "Cedric Diggory's a vampire?"

So, you know: go weigh in, and stuff.

Pilot Fakes Distress and Flees Before Crash; Executive Stages Plane Crash, Fails To Fake Death; Missing pilot known as smooth operator; Pilot no stranger to Alabama, court records show. Ladies and gentlemen, the center of the universe.

Photo of strange airborn animal?

Crochet Coral Reef.

New Publishing Directory for Twitter.

Ficlets Closure Causes Collaborative Writing Community Shake-Ups.

Bio 'Haunted Heart' never tells what makes Stephen King tick.

Your DVR May Miss Battlestar's Big Reveal [BSG Warning].

Third 'Mad Men' season uncertain?

Fox honcho Kevin Reilly on the future of Dollhouse, Terminator, Fringe, Virtuality.

9 Foreign Language Films Advance at Oscars.

English Not Amused By Kate Winslet's Acceptance Speeches.

Images: French One-Sheet for 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans'; Official U.S. Poster for 'Outlander'; 'Dead Snow' (Probably the Worst Snow Type) Poster.

Trailers: Sundance: Solve Crime With The ‘Mystery Team’ In This Exclusive Clip; 'Next Day Air' Trailer: A Cautionary Tale of Sending Huge Drug Shipments Through UPS; Exclusive unseen clip from Tropic Thunder (Goodbye Gladys); Watch Mummy stunt guys fight and catch fire before we strap in!; 'The Devil's Tomb' - Trailer for Cuba Gooding Jr and Ron Perlman film.

Watchmen lawsuit settlement is "close"; Warner Bros Now Selling The Furniture. Yeah, they're gonna settle.

Hi-res Harry & Dumbledore promo; Finite Incantatem, Inauguration and Musical Rumors; Daniel Radcliffe on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Vanessa Hudgens did NOT audition for 'New Moon' (or DID SHE? eh, maybe) (apparently Leah isn't in the script at all? whatever) (apparently even I can't muster any amount of give-a-damn for this); Twilight DVD details (yeah, I can't figure out what they made a "seven-part documentary" about, either); Unkindest cut: ‘Twilight’ star’s hair a hot topic (somebody got in trouuuuuuble!); Watch ‘Twilight’ Star Jackson Rathbone’s Concert Diary; Twi School Musical.

Chris Pine on J.J. Abrams' Star Trek; 'Star Trek' prequel now gets its own prequel.

Terminator: Salvation Roadshow Rolls Into NY!; MTV News Gets Detailed Look At ‘Terminator Salvation’ — Read Our Report Here; Will Linda Hamilton Be Back for 'Terminator Salvation'?; 'Terminator Salvation' Movie Prequel Coming (what, you people too?); 'Terminator Salvation' screening reports hit the Web; Terminator Ending "Might Piss Off A Lot Of People" [Exclusive].

WALL-E helmer Andrew Stanton talks 'John Carter of Mars'; Get Your Half Dressed Aliens Ready — 'John Carter Of Mars' Is Casting.

Pixar Producers Speak Lovingly About Pete Docter's 'Up.'

'The Rum Diary' Next for Johnny Depp?

Sam Mendes Waits For ‘Preacher’ Script, Calls Story ‘Absolutely Brilliant.’

Shots of Taylor Kitsch (Gambit / Tim Riggins) in 'Gospel Hill'; Riggins Almost Missed Out On Gambit Because He Was Tired?

Coraline and Hayley Williams: separated at birth, y/y?

Lil Kim not happy with her portrayal in 'Notorious.'

Grazer: Angels & Demons is shorter with more action than Da Vinci. What, no more edge-of-your-seat PowerPoint presentations?

Take That Michael Bay - McG Fires Back at Transformers!

'Arrested Development' Movie Story Revealed.

Early 'Scream 4' Writer and Story Details Creep Out.

Less Nakedness In 'Sin City 2.'

Jackie Chan to star in 'The Karate Kid' remake.

Craig Brewer Remaking 'Smokey and the Bandit'?

Moonlighting, the Movie!??!?!

The Star Wars Portion Of The Internet Can Close Down Now [Found Footage].

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