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So Prison Break has been canceled. This is my mother's second favorite TV show (I promise you, if the Jack Bauer Power Hour had been axed, you would have heard the rending of her garments from the other side of the globe). I emailed her the bad news, and I got this in reply:
Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo……………….. That was really one of the best series, but I was wondering what else they could do. Hopefully, Michael and Sara can be together and Lincoln and Michael will be exonerated and the bitch will get hers!

Meanwhile, at snacky's: When you get into new fandoms, is it because you discover the source material first or because you follow other fans? I say this in Snacky's comments, but--I realized that I follow actors, not fans. I mean, great watershed moments in Cleo Fannishness: "I kinda got bored with Lord of the Rings when I was twelve, but if Her Cateness is doing it, well..." "Alan Rickman at a wizard school? I gotta read this book." "Well, I mean... I know it looks stupid, but it's Hugh Jackman and vampires, so..." "Johnny Depp's in a movie based on a theme park ride?" "Dude, that hobbit guy got a big American TV show?" "Cedric Diggory's a vampire?"

So, you know: go weigh in, and stuff.

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